Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Somebody 'esplain dis to me.

Spotted at Love Field on Monday.



d2cmom said...

Some deluded Yankee looking for a woman?

Melanie said...

LOL!!! Maybe he has a cowgirl waiting for him at many "ports" and he wears a new hat for each girl???

Or maybe he is just a man that literally wears many hats. You know that old saying...."Let me put on my thinking hat."

Trailrider said...

It beats carrying them! Believe it or not, I wore a 10 gallon hat back from Arizona just to keep my hands free. He found what he likes, and is bringing them back from his trip!

Unknown said...

LOL! All good theories...

What came to my mind was the phrase "All hat, no cattle"

The gentlemen allowed me to take his pix, but declined to explain.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

CAPS for SALE!!! hehe!

What a joker. :)


ps, Will he be in one of your novels? Might be interesting!