Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dreary rainy days without my horse

I haven't seen much of my horse these days. Lily is over due for shoeing and my farrier is having challenges making my schedule work.

I'm longing for those long Summer days when evening light stretches toward 9 pm, where the sun teases the night with her brilliance, where blue skies reign until stars insist on having their due, at least for a few hours.

For now I wait. Lily feels so far away, her new home is so much further, and I long for the days when I could walk outside and see her there, right there.

In one of Austin's many green spaces 
The last time we rode. the other horses were loose and they decided they'd run after us, creating quite a bit of jigging from my normally calm horse. Nothing like having a herd run after you to wake everybody up. But she was good, especially considering how little we've been riding.

I'm hoping for less of the soupy mess we've had tomorrow so we can get some time together. I hope, I hope. It's tough waiting for weekends to see your horse.

My new job is so much fun I can barely believe it. It's challenging, engaging, engrossing. And I feel like I've once again found a family, a place I belong. It's such a blessing.

It makes the fact that BOTH our cars broke down seem like just a silly joke. Not a particularly funny one, but one of those things where you just throw your hands up and say "FINE, but you can't get me down!"

Monday I'll be in Kansas City. Last week I was in South Padre Island.  The week before I was in Galveston.

And in another couple weeks I hope to be in the saddle. I hope, I hope.


Christie Maszki said...

I hear you! I've had the same issues with being down with the weather, we've had cold and some snow but not enough to make the misery worth it. Spring is around the corner!

cheyenne jones said...

Your certainly getting about! But getting back in the saddle is really the best! Good luck.

Shirley said...

How wonderful that you are enjoying your new job so much. I hope you manage to get lots of saddle time in this year; even with a job you love, there is nothing better than time with your horse.

Dan and Betty said...

For us in New Mexico it's windy cold that's been keeping us from riding as often as we want. We did get three nice days last week and we rode every day - just basic training stuff. Now, it's cold and windy again.

Hang in there.


Wolfie said...

Great that you are enjoying your new job. You will be back in the saddle before you know it. :-)