Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What we know about Cotton

Cotton has a very distintict personality.He is a lover, comes right up for petting, but is not that enamored with being ridden. I'm not sure how much riding he has had in the last few months although one of his initial problems - moving while mounting - is gone. He was a terrible mover when I tried to mount him the first time a few months ago, but I worked on him in the round pen that day. No way I fixed him in that brief session, so I guess our friend K tuned up that part of things.

We had to work on horse catching 101 in one of our first sessions. Then Sierra had a round pen session. When we first met Cotton, he didn't know much about round penning. He is a fast learner, and sensitive to signals. He is also the most spook free horse I've met, short of Cody, the wonder horse.

He is my daughter and husband's horse, he will need me to clean up a few things, but we are just looking for a trail horse. So far it looks like he will fit that role very well. I could fall in love, but ... I am standing on the sidelines, making the room for the bond with Sierra. He was trained by a teenage girl, and I think he really gravitates to Sierra.

Then there is this "capable" thing. I was warned that he would 'service our mare.'. How is that possible, I asked. Isn't he gelded?

They shrugged. He's gelded. And yet he can fire blanks, apparently. Explanations, anyone?

Our barn is settling into a routine of sorts. Lily seems to like her gelding and has gone to second position in their herd of two. It's funny to see her go up and down in the hierarchy of different herds. I don't think she's ever happy being high in the herd, she always seems annoyed when she's in charge.

I hope to ride tomorrow. It's been busy at work, but everyday I hug my horse, every day I see her, everyday I catch a glimpse across the road or my copper girl, head down, grazing like there is no tomorrow.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

I had a gelding once who would mount mares and "do the deed" - they all thought it was good fun and no harm was done. He would also pay attention to mares and nicker to them. Otherwise he was fine - in fact he was my great (deceased at 30 in 2010) QH Noble.

I rather think Red might behave that way given the chance.

Your new guy seems like a prize!

Venom said...

Could he be proudcut? Where they don't get all of the testicular tissue and some studdy behaviour often remains?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a cutie! Congrats on Mr. Cotton!

Life does indeed sound good for you :)


Laura Crum said...

I had a gelding that would "breed" mares, just like Kate. As she says, no harm done, except that the gelding often became very "fond" of certain mares. And I believe Venom is right about why some geldings are like this.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Nice addition, and you get to make horses a family hobby. Bombay flirts with the girls when they are in heat. I think geldings can have varying degrees of procreative activities based upon how well the gelding was done and the timing of the procedure.

Wolfie said...

Cotton is lovely! My horse also likes the ladies and I had him tested to make sure that he was a true gelding (he is).