Saturday, September 20, 2008

Riding with HIM

When I first took up this hobby/obession of horseback riding again, I had this vision of all of us on the trail, riding in far away places, having fun as a family.

Then when everyone saw how much work it was, then it was hot, then there were the bucking incidents, then there was all the manure...

Well, suffice it to say, it very quickly it dwindled down to me.

There's been a bit of a comeback with Mireya wanting to ride and she's always up for a trip to the stables.

But the biggest change happened last week. Adam rode Woody.

Woody is that horse at the stables that I always thought of as the perfect horse for him. He's big, has wavy mane and tail, black, beautiful and strong. Adam is a big guy, needs a stout horse with some fire to ride. Woody is also Canyon's partner in the great escape.

At the same time, Woody is very safe. Sure he's got some issues, but overall he's a safe ride. When he came up for sale, I was second in line to buy him. Behind Rudy, my fellow horse geek.

What's nice is that Rudy is sharing Woody and let Adam ride him the other day.

That's all it took. Adam was hooked. Which is wonderful, because as much as I love riding, I'm not crazy about riding alone.

Of course we can't go overboard "borrowing" Woody. But I think I've convinced Adam that two horses is a very good idea.

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