Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missing riding, surfing horse porn. Again.

It's been crazy this week and I haven't been able to ride all week.

So instead I've been shopping. Mentally. Haven't pulled the trigger on anything, but here is my current favorite place to check out for a new horse.

and here's one horse I'd love to check out.

The reason? I sent them an email inquiring about a horse and here's the response I got.

Tanner is out on a week trail will know if she is keeping him saturday. However I would not sell tanner for a ten year old. I am going to place two real nice Paint gelding for sale this week. One is gaited the other is not both for this horse are child safe. But I have to see your child ride to really know if I have a horse that will fit there riding abulity. Some people will sell you any horse they have we dont do that we want to put you with a horse that you can use and enjoy. Rocky would have made you a great boy for your child but he sold sunday. Watch the web site for Arizona and Destiny I plan to take photos today and place them on the web site may not get them on tonight but this week

That's the kind of place I feel I'd find the right horse - even if they are in MICHIGAN. My sister lives in Chicago. Not that she could go and check him out - she's terrified of horses - but I could drop by and visit.

I've been told to find a gaited horse at a good price I need to go north and east. A quick search of Horsetopia shows that it's true. Just like we are thick with Quarters, they are thick with TWH. (CAUTION, HORSE PORN AHEAD)

Of course there is the considerable transportation cost, but with gas prices heading down, it might not be so bad. TWH locally are pretty darn expensive around here, so it seems like a good idea.

In the meantime, I've listed Canyon. I'm going to video tape him Saturday. I have no high hopes for him moving anytime soon, but you never know. There is someone out there who's just right for him, hopefully they are out there looking.

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