Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update on Spirit

Spirit's been in the horse equivalent of the icu for four days. He's stable but not progressing. The obstruction isn't breaking up. They have to stick a tube down his nose to remove the fluids they are putting into his system because horses can't throw up.

Horses, anatomically, are a one way road. What goes in one end must come out the other end. Otherwise it builds up in the stomach until it distends and ruptures, resulting in a terrible death.

We had a bit of hope for a moment when it looked like Spirit was absorbing some fluid. Less was coming out than what was going in. But that was just a moment's repise, apparently. Instead, he's stuck in nuetral. And with the costs involved in ICU, it's time to stop. The bills are already several times what this horse is worth... in dollars. And there's no guarantee that any more will change the end result. Some folks say if you can't turn it around in 48 hours, its time to stop.

I'm going to head over there to be with him for these last few hours. I wish I could do something, anything. I wish I could reach into his body and break apart that rock. I wish colic was cured with a kiss and a prayer.

And I hope I can be a good friend, in the end.

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