Monday, February 23, 2009

On the road - without a horse

I'm in Washington this week, with a bat.

Yes, a bat.

Last year I took Honey Bear to Washington and he made the rounds.

So as I headed back this year, I asked Mireya to lend me a stuffed animal to bring along this time. She opted for Hallow, her bat web kinz she just got (after months of anticipation - bats were hard to find after October).

It seems way weirder to be wandering around with a stuffed bat than it was with a stuffed bear. Maybe I need to stick to night events. But I know Hallow is very special to her and it waspretty sweet for her to send her little bat to Washington.

Anyway, so far Hallow has been mainly to the convention center, so it's been a little dull. For a bat, anyway. I'm hoping to get to a few more fun locations tomorrow.

Here's Hallow with Jim. It's been too cold to fly around, so Hallow is sticking to cabs most of the time.

More photos of Hallow on crib notes. I'll be back home on Friday... Let me tell you, I miss warm weather, crazy kids, lovey hubby, and horse time. I'll be so happy when February is over!

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d2cmom said...

I need to chat with you about the trail ride. Can you email