Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ready for a Ride?

Okay Central Texas blogger horsegirls, I'm finally organized. How about a ride?

I'm proposing a short trail ride at Canyon Lake (Guadalupe state park is great, but really rocky - so let's go easy on our first outing). We can haul, have a short ride (the trail is 6 miles round trip, so if you and your horse are still gearing up, it'll be fine), then have lunch at my favorite Italian place.

I'm tossing March 7th out there for a 'weather permitting' ride. And it'll probably be too cold to get in the water, but at least there's some for the horses to drink. LOL

Any takers?


d2cmom said...

I'd be interested. That's around a two-hour haul to Canyon Lake I think. Would we start this in the early afternoon? Also, How much to ride there?

Breathe said...

It's free to ride and we can start anytime - I'd suggest about 1, but really, I'm open...