Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Horse Laws - okay, I agree with this one

Abilene, Kansas, City Ordinance 349 declares: "Any person who shall in the city of Abilene shoot at a horse with any concealed or unconcealed bean snapper or like article, shall upon conviction, be fined."

I particularly love this one because it's so easy to visualize how it came up.

Watch those concealed bean snappers, people. I wonder if you could get a carry permit for those? Where's the NRA on bean snappers? How about Chipmunk based pea shooters?

Interestingly enough there's also a law in Kansas against shooting rabbits from motorboats. Presumably this became a problem when rabbits took up water skiing. Silly wabbit. Twicks are for skiers.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! YOu totally cracked me up. Snort!

Bean snapper...bean snapper...that's just a fun two words to say together. I better not say it in front of my boys, or else they'll get ideas...and I'll have to hide the beans. lol!


ps I think it's totally cool that somehow I motivated you to take up letterboxing. It's fun isn't it? I hope you will post about your letterboxing experiences, too. I'm tickled that you're now a fellow 'boxer. hehe :)

Breathe said...

Letter boxing is so fun. Have you heard of equine letter boxing? Shoot I have info on it somewhere. Sounds like blog entry, if I can find it.