Monday, May 25, 2009

Kids, Horses, and a picture parade

Welcome to my first Picture Parade!

Here's a little of our day on Sunday...

First, we got our horses tacked up...

(HorseS! I'm still so excited to have 2.)

Sierra has really started to feel comfortable working with Lily. Because it's sort of a pain to get to the round pen at our new stables, we're just line lunging in the arena. Both are working well with that, although before we'd hit trails I'd round pen...

Mireya learns how to boss her horse around. Canyon is cooperative about moving his hindquarters. Such a good pony.

Mireya holds Canyon. She's got a whole world of confidence with him. See?

Hmm. I need to tighten that helmet strap.

Sierra has started to trot on Lily. Lily has a beautiful floating trot. It's easy to sit, although Sierra does know how to post.

And yes, I did fix those stirrups. I think they still need to go even higher, and she's riding in tennis shoes because our last trip to the boot store was a bust. My problem is that I don't really know how to deal with the fenders, which are way too long. Any suggtestions?

And I know it looks like I've wrapped Lily in a spider web, but because she's in a tom thumb (which is what she's used to, but I'm not sure about) I've got sierra reining in just a halter. Sierra's still perfecting her release. She tends to keep the brakes on and until she's got that down I don't want her working that bit in Lily's mouth. But I wanted to make sure Lily is still good taking a bit. It was nothing. She's a terrific horse (except for the left rear hoof thing).

Best of all, Sierra is so excited about horses again.

Mireya is too. In fact after this ride she decided she wanted to learn how to untack her horse. She did great.

Sierra got Lily to get right on top of a wood platform. No problem anymore! Even Lily seems to be saying, "hey, I was fine, I thought YOU were going to fall."

Mireya is still happy just with lead line riding. I'd like her to take a camp, but she's a bit velcro these days, and I don't think I could get her to actually break free for it.

See those clouds in the background? Right after we untacked the sky opened up and kicked down a bucket of rain. Which is good, because we really need it.

Look at that belly on my boy. I've got to cut his hay intake. Or better yet, RIDE MORE!!!!

Sigh. It was a great day. Someday we'll have our own place and can do this every morning if we want to...


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures. Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time. We have a pony or two with a belly like that. They just got their grazing muzzles on and are not happy!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Your girls look happy. It's a good thing to have family members who like to ride, because you'll always have partners.

Melanie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day. Isn't it nice when your kidlets also enjoy horses and horsemanship? I hope that my son continues to like them, but I am sure that as he gets older, he may loose interest...maybe not though. :)

PS-Cool beans about those saddles!! I need to get my hiney in gear and look for another one as well. I hope I get as lucky as you did.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Aww! The girls look so happy on their ponies! Canyon's looking fat and sassy these days. He looks great! We're you able to sneak in a ride, too?


Stephanie said...

What a neat day! Even though you don't have your own place - you're still lucky to enjoy such a fun day. Love your two ponies!