Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mine that Bird

I missed the Kentucky Derby, and I can't believe I missed this incredible race. What a story. I love how the announcer didn't even know the name of the horse taking the lead. He was that shocked.

Gotta love it when a rodeo guy ends up training the second greatest upset in Derby history.

You go, Wooley.


Pony Girl said...

Wasn't that great?! I chose Mine That Bird as one of my top 3 picks (I always go for the underdogs.) Bummer I didn't bet any money, LOL! I love that he only cost $9500...racing against horses that cost near upwards of $3 million!

One Red Horse said...

What an amazing two minutes and fiftythree seconds. I can watch this race over and over and over.

Flying Lily said...

I loved loved loved that race. Just wish I had placed a bet: 50:1 odds!!

Melanie said...

Great race and congrats on your new horse and your new barn!!! Sheesh...I leave for about three weeeks and all hell breaks loose...lol!!!

I was doing a 30 page policy analysis for the most part, and wanted to ask you what exactly it is that you do (policy ananlysis-wise?) Those take a lot of work!!! :)

Breathe said...

Pony Girl: If only you'd bet! You'd be buying the margaritas for sure

ORH: Same here!

Flying Lily: I do too, thank goodness for youtube.

Melanie: You're alive! I do Public Affairs for credit unions in Texas and we do analysis of policy proposals - but we usually leave it to the lawyers...