Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cold wind

The welcome rain finally ushered in the cold, something we have been waiting for for several weeks. It's still been air conditioning weather here, something I've not experienced this deep into November.
But as they say, be careful what you wish for.

It was my day to feed horses on Saturday morning and the rain poured down steadily. I sloughed through the paddocks, struggled with wet hay. Lily, who eats outside in the paddock instead of coming in a run gave me that look. The don't you dare leave me out here in the rain look.

I brought her in for some relief from the weather and she and Smokey shared the run and some hay while I finished my work. When I set them all back out and got in my truck the rain slowed down

I really appreciate these little tests of my sense of humor. I don't always pass them, but I do appreciate the considerable planning that goes into them.

Sunday brought wind, the kind of wind that sets the trees to wild dancing, leaves twirling as they fly off like sweat from a tango dancer's forehead.
I arrived early to ride before feeding again, and Smokey and I agreed that the bitter wind called for arena time. I demonstrated all the scary things he needed to know about like the banging door and falling chair. He was greatly concerned but managed to hold it together. I'd call it progress, but mostly it was nice to see him giving me the benefit of the doubt.

We kept it short - remember, we don't really have the gear for this kind of weather, so bitter cold dives right through my paltry defenses. I hate cold. I don't live in Texas because I have an affection for cold, but the cold comes anyway. And if Smokey's massive winter coat is any indication, it's going to be brutal season around here.

We managed to improve his side pass, we will see if it sticks. Also he is responding better to canter cues. Lots more to do, particularly on canters, but I'm taking time. Maybe to much, but really, what am I getting ready for?

I'm not sure we will do the christmas parade, mostly because with sierra's situation I don't know that I have it in me to do the prep needed. I think he might do fine, but at this point worry about horse antics is way down my list of things I'm willing to deal with.

So another excuse to take my time. But I really don't have goals right now, other than enjoying my horses. With them it's quiet, simple, focused, and in the moment. It's the greatest gift I can have right now, when challenges just seem to mount over and over. In time they will all resolve, as they do,and the respites will give me strength.

Even in the rain and cold.


Leah Fry said...

I thought you did live in Texas. Oh well, I'm easily confused. But we got the cold, crazy wind also, and like you, I just don't have the gear to handle it, at least not for a sustained length of time. I stopped to see Jaz & Daltrey yesterday on my way to get groceries and it was mighty uncomfortable standing out there in the middle of the pasture. But both horses seemed toasty, which is a good thing.

My goals are simple: have a good time with my horses and don't get hurt.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You have such a lovely descriptive style of writing. It's somehow peaceful in the way that it carries me away while riding :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think it's good that you finally got some rain out there isn't it? The fact that it stopped when you were done is a test of your sense of humor. I hate wind like that, it's the time I've been most hurt on horseback. Don't worry about the parade just relax whenever you can and enjoy your horses.

Achieve1dream said...

Hehe I live in the south too and also despise the cold weather. I sure got a dose of it today while waiting for the vet to get Chrome gelded. I was miserable. It took five minutes in the truck with the heater on high before I could feel my fingers and then of course they started to hurt. Ugh. I am thankful for it right now though because the cold helps with Chrome's healing from his gelding. :)

Been thinking about you and Sierra. I hope it all works out well.

Wolfie said...

I am getting caught up with your posts and boy, you have had a lot on your plate. I am sending you positive thoughts and hugs from Canada. Take of yourself and stay warm.

Jan said...

Breathe, I love your insight about "tests of your sense of humor!" How funny! I'm glad you are having a good time with Smokey, doing what is comfortable - with all the things you are dealing with, I hope your time with him can be very positive for you.

Captain Bailey said...

There are only two good things about wind: 1) it helps keep mosquitoes away and 2) it helps dry things out. My horses always look slightly miserable in the wind, and it's usually the only time I see them in their shelter.

I don't always pass my humor tests either! What a great line. I'm glad your crew provides you some respite from everything else going on in your life right now.

Morning Bray Farm said...

I just love your writing... I want you to know that. :)

I hate the cold too... and we have some coming our way Thursday and Friday.

Stay warm!