Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last days

I'm terribly sad about leaving our barn, but sadder to see it feel like a ghost town.

Here's Canyon, walking by the empty pole runs. I remember when these and the barn were completely full. There were nearly 20 horses. Now there are three boarders and they have only two horses of their own left.

We did a long round pen session and a little arena work. I'm really working on side passing with only a smattering of success. At the end I learned he can side pass really well - if he's facing the gate.

Why am I not surprised.

(Canyon, giving me his "if I just DO everything, then you'll take me for granted" look.)

Usually I embrace change fully. I'm easily bored and am always looking around the corner for what's next.

This time... not so much.

We move on Sunday.

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