Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sandy Circle Time in New Territory -- by Canyon

Dictated by Canyon...

Well, you may have heard the big news by now, but I was recently forced to relocate. Generally I'm all for adventure, being the courageous horse I am, but it appears this is not just a camp out. I'm actually ... moved.

Granted, my last home was filled with dangers - tigers thinly disguised as tarps, wolves hiding behind flattened cows - but I maintained the upper hand in that setting through intense vigilence.

But a horse's life is one of change and I'm taking on this latest one with a renewed sense of terror... er... caution.

The new place is pretty different. Fortunately there is an avalanche of hay, which helps one adjust.

I've been placed in a stall of considerable prestige, well suited to my station in life. I greet nearly everyone who comes by.

Of course the place is terrifically dangerous. First there is far too much cover for all the predators around here. It's almost as bad as those terrible open spaces in my last place.

Then there is a bunch of white snakes that hang in the air and bite. I really hate those things.

I've established a few tentative friendships, which helps one feel at home and have vowed to alert everyone to the slightest danger. Far too many of them are oblivious to danger here. Sound familiar? It's no wonder there are any horses out here at all. I arrived just in time.

Today my "alpha mare" came out to give me my treats, but insisted on walking around first. She actually took hold of some snakes and expected me to walk past them. I protested, but she had that stick thing with her. Tough choice, you might say.

We walked into the sandy circle with the metal trees and I knew I was done for. We were going to do THAT again. "Alpha mare" is OBSESSED with the sandy circle. I really thought it was time to get back to the stall with the hay... er... you know, to protect the others.

This sandy circle had pretty creepy items which I stayed well away from. As you can see these are just the sorts of things that many ignorant horses would just not give a second thought. That's how we lose so many in the sandy circle.

As you can see, I wisely kept my distance from all those creepy things.

I kept a brisk pace right from the start.

Because look at this place! See all the hiding places? Fortunately, I scared most things off after about 20 minutes. Another few minutes and alpha mare let me follow her around. I even sniffed one of the creepy things. Just one, though.

During cookie time with the alpha mare (who admittedly had done a decent job with the snakes), we decided we'd probably be able to make this place work. It's going to be a big job to keep so many horses safe, but I think I'm up to the challenge.

Please do pass on my regards to my fellow equine bloggers who may not have internet service in their stall.


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Does he really have internet?? lol!

That last photo is so gooood! He's such a looker!

And I love the photo of him in the saldy circle with his mane blowing. Beautiful!

Welcome to the new place, Canyon. I hope it brings you lots of good experiences with your alpha mare.