Sunday, April 12, 2009

Roxi joins the pack/herd/flock/insanity

Because we are not happy having one horse, two dogs, one cat, a mouse, a hamster and a lizard, we decided to add a puppy.

Next I plan on bringing peace to the Middle East.

Here's Roxi.

She moves a little fast. She's a rescue puppy. We got her from Great Dane Rescue of San Antonio. Which, ironically has a ton of non Great Danes. In fact, they've got the cutest dogs on Pet Finder, IMHO...

What? Can't make her out?

Well, she moves quick. How about here?

Yea. I know. She's really quick. Most of the time she looks just like this.

She's a Maltipoo. We wanted a poodle mix because my niece is allergic but loves dogs. I hate that when she comes over she can't love on our dog without her eyes sealing shut. Discourages conversation, to say the least. Plus it's time for a lap dog.

I was leaning toward Chihuahua, but Adam was not wanting to go there. Too "la raza," probably. (which reminds me of this guy that always cracks me up. I'm just all over the mental place today)

She's a really cute blur. Really.


Even with Sierra, her mom.

She's 4 months old. She's 6 pounds. She's made herself so at home I'm not sure she hasn't been here all along.

Okay, here's a better one...

Welcome home, Roxi. Sierra has already started her agility training. Roxi has walked on a rock wall, chased a ball and gone up to the top of the A ramp.

Now me, I've got other plans. Roxi, hope you like horseback riding.

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Trailrider said...

Crazy, cute puppy. I don't know what's going to happen to me when my kids see this! Now I'm really under pressure to get a dog. ;-)

Congrats to you all, but especially the girls.