Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back from DC

My long series of work related travel has come to an end, at last.

The final trip was in DC, a place I go usually just once a year.

But lately, in the last 6 months I've been there 3 times. Which is just a reflection of how intense things are at work.

Sometimes, on my twitter feed, is a glimpse of it.

Anyway, DC is an amazing series of contradictions. Where the glory of patriotism meets a cynicism so deep it burns the soul. Where the ernest confront the disbelief and disconnection. Sometimes the good win. Most times they don't so much lose as they are stymied. But the good ones don't give up.

The mustangs even came to DC, I met a group of song writers who were fighting for royalties, and our group - as sincere and passionate as anyone - pressing their case for what we believe in.

New Sculptures in DC. Woman and Dolphin and Basketball.
Yeah. That's what I thought too.

But there are also amazing restaurants. Probably because few people are eating on their own tab, the prices are high. Lobbyists are wooing staffers (the powers behind the thrones), special interests are in town trying to make a difference for what they care about.

The food here is so rich, that you will be
one of these plus size ladies in one week.

And after a long day, we eat. If you go, here are 3 places you must eat, even if you go back and have nothing but mac and cheese for 6 months.

Zatinya - Mediterranin food in a beautiful setting - turkish, greek, lebonese. A first stop, to be sure.

Oceanaire - Pricey, but so incredible that you barely notice, even when you're as frugal as I am. (Okay, I noticed. But it was worth it)

Filomena - In Georgetown and make sure you have dessert.

Look! It's a lobbyist! Many mouths, and more than a little confusing.
Yet flashy.

I will be back in June, but it's more of a colleague meeting. I'm not looking forward to it, but mostly because I just want to stay home and ride my horse.

(Which I did, this weekend. More on that tomorrow.)


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sounds like you've been a very busy lady. I do like the threesome of fat lady statues. The first one is too strange though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me "home" for a visit! Wow, what's up with those sculptures?! Goodness. Mmm... Oceanaire. Yum. Have a good week!