Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boots Review - Ariat Paddock Boots

You may remember the condition of my boots. They have split to the point where you can clearly determine the color of my socks, and as entertaining as that is, it's not that great in the wash rack.

It was time to make a decision. Duct tape or new boots.

Did you know duct tape is not particularly effective on boots?

After getting 5 pounds of sand and rock in my socks, I decided to bite the bullet and buy new boots.

I was reluctant to get western boots. Nothing I could find was under $100 that looked like it would last more than a year. And given the new saddle in my life, I wanted to keep the price low.

But I also don't like work boots or lace ups. I wanted something that didn't feel like a ton of bricks on my feet. Given my last clinic experience, I wanted waterproof too.

So these seemed like a good option. Ariat Ladies Heritage Sport zip Paddock Boot (I found them here at Equestrian Collection, where I got my riding pants - which I absolutely LOVE).

I've been breaking them in, but we went on a beautiful trail ride Sunday (more on that in a different post) and I have to say, I never noticed my boots! They were that comfortable! The tread on the bottom is perfect for my new endurance stirrups.

I also bought some half chaps, but the snap broke and I'll be sending them back. But I'm not sure I need them. Between my riding pants (which don't have knee patches or anything) and these boots, I didn't feel the need for protection on my calves. Plus my Irideon pants, (these in a grey/ blue) with their seam placed to avoid rubbing, the wicking quality of the fabric, and how well they breathe in the heat, they are a great option. They fit a little loose for a medium, though. Better loose than tight, that's for sure.

Speaking of tight fits, I've been hesitant to get riding tights, particularly since I don't think they'd be very flattering. I'm more of a yoga pant girl, tight on the butt, loose on the lower leg. If I get some, they will be these.

But I'll need to sell a few essays first. :)

What do you ride in?


Beth said...

I love those boots!

I am a breeches girl,and I wear half chaps. Even though I am fuller figured I feel comfortable in them. Although I do wear a huge oversized shirt too.

I just ordered some new All Cotton Naturals tights. I'll let ya know how I like them.

Michaela said...

This is really a horse accessories porn site. I have you all figured out now, girl! Tempting photos of boots, saddles, and now breeches... You make me wanna shake my horse-ridin' booty. LOL. xxoo

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very nice!
Duct tape doesn't work for sure, but if you are ever wanting to make a pair of boots last a bit longer, you can use Gorilla Glue. It's sort of like Super Glue, but so so much stronger and water proof, too. I used it on my old Walmart paddock boots and it gave me another 6 months...well actually I still have them, but hubby finally got the money to buy me some Ariats, so I didn;t have to wear the old Walmart paddock boots anymore. But it's nice to have them for back-up just the same.

Oooh! I love riding pants, and breeches and will probably rarely ever ride in jeans anymore. I love my new On Course Shapely All Cotton Breeches. They are so soft, comfie and fit well, too.
I just had some riding tights specially made for me by The Tight's Lady after a high recommendation from Merri over at The Equestrian Vagabond. She rides Endurance and has a hard time finding riding pants and tights that fit because she is also tall.

I ordered two pairs. ONe with some Western fringe that I sent her to custom make for me, so I can 'look' like I'm still riding western. lol!

I recently also bought some suede half chaps with fringe and can't wait to wear them on the trails. After my brand new breeche got snagged by a branch sticking out into the trail, I need to have my calves protected, so I don't get any more rips or holes.

Riding pants are expensive, but so worth it, I think. I love those Irideons and would love to get a pair with the flared pants legs, too.

Congrats on your new purchases!

Can't wait to read about the ride on Sunday.


Laura said...

Those boots look nice! I have a couple pairs of ariats and they just don't seem to fit my feet properly or something... I ride in Blundstones...

Those irideon riding pants look great too. I typically ride in breeches - Kerrits has a decent pair of bootcut pants/breeches that I like. I ride in a western saddle, so I don't really feel the need to use half chaps.

I'm on the lookout for some lightweight summer tights - it gets so hot and humid here that I need something cooler...

Jocelyn said...

I have to pipe in on the tights/breeches thing. You will find that riding tighter legged breeches will make your legs less tired. It's like wearing compression shorts. When I wear my loose cotton one's, my legs get tired much faster on long rides. I wear boot cut Kerrits breeches on long rides to give my thighs the extra support.

Just a thought..

Anonymous said...

I love the look and ease of those boots!!! Hmmm.... :) Have a great weekend!

Once Upon an Equine said...

I'm shocked to learn there is something that duct tape can't cure!

I like my Ariat paddock boots too. Good choice. Those riding pants look very nice.

Funder said...

I can't bring myself to spend the $$$ on equine clothing - I'd rather spend the $$$ on actual tack for the horse! For the last couple of months, I've been riding in Old Navy spandex yoga pants, with long underwear if it's cold, and REI hiking boots. The hiking boots are amazingly comfortable but not particularly safe - I'd recommend cages if you want to try them.

My calves outgrew my half-chaps and I haven't replaced them yet. My saddle has soft cordura western fenders, and out here there's no tall brush or trees to scrape my legs.

Anonymous said...

My name is Jane and I am the social media manager for Equestrian Collections. Thank you so much for your wonderful Boot review post, which I posted on our Facebook wall. Thank you for being a customer and for reviewing products from some of our vendors!

Elizabeth said...

Aren't those the BEST paddock boots? I love mine and need a new pair too. Perhaps in a couple of months. I'm saving for hay right now! I also LOVE my Irideon Cadence Cord breeches. Cool in summer, I won't wear anything else to ride in. Full seat or knee patch is very nice. I'm not comfortable in tights, they're oh so revealing!

Elizabeth said...

I love these boots! I need a new pair too but they'll have to wait. Saving for hay at the moment.

I also love Irideon Cadence Cord breeches. I won't wear anything else to ride in. They're so comfortable, even during the heat of summer. I live in the heart of cowboy country and get some strange looks when I go into town with them on (which is all the time), but I don't care. If some of those folks would just try riding with them, they'll never go back to hot, sticky jeans ever again! I'm just not comfortable in riding tights. I have a pair that will never be worn to ride in, uh, unless I'm with a visually impaired group LOL