Sunday, July 25, 2010

When you love something, set it free...

...If it comes back it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was.

Today, Stephanie and Cibolo became partners. They always had been, but now, its official.

When she rode him today, his ears were back, listening carefully to her. His head carriage was low. Their connection was beautiful. I had moments with him like that, but they were fleeting.
He is her heart horse.
I showed her all the things he's learned, his tricks with clicker, how he'll drop his head into the halter, and we spent some time in the round pen. Then they went gallivanting down the trail. I admired him, admired all the things he could do. I admired how they rode together, and how in touch they seemed to be.


You can tell Lily is a quarter horse because she has
quarter notes ! (okay, okay, technically they are 8th notes)

I worked with Lily for a while in the round pen and our communication is getting stronger. She likes to work and I promised to get her out every time, even when/if/okay, when/ my horse finds me. She seems happy to be a "lead" horse. Several horses in the barn nicker for her when she leaves. She is a special mare, and draws everyone around her closer. Endurance would be too hard on her, she really isn't sound enough for anything other than light riding.

We rode for just a few minutes, just at a walk, I knew Lily's leg was bothering her, so I didn't want to ask for much. She has a tremendous amount of try, and will hurt herself for you if she senses you want more. But she doesn't like to be left out. So a little saddle time was good for her spirit.


As we walked to our cars, I hugged Stephanie and said, "You know, he IS a good horse."

She looked at me, tears making her eyes shine with light. "He's a GREAT horse."

Ride on, Cibolo and Stephanie.


AareneX said...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwwww! Such a happy beginning for the two of them.
I'm surprised that only Stephanie was crying. When I handed over Baby Doll and said goodbye, I was balling my eyes out. I had no control. The tears just came. I was happy that Baby Doll was going to a great home and better matched owner, but also sad to say goodbye to a dream, and to a horse that I had given so much love and commitment to.
Oh yeah. I cried. I cried all the way home and then locked myself in my room and cried some more.

I still miss Baby Doll sometimes, but now I know that to move forward, we have to cut the strings to the past.

Here's to moving forward, girlfriend!


Leah Fry said...

How wonderful that they are matched so well. I'm happy for both of you.

And now you can be pony shopping with a clear conscience! Don't worry: the right one will come to you.

Carol said...

It's amazing how certain horses and people connect. It's wonderful that you were able to put this partnership together, for both of them. Your horse finding karma :) will be so amazing from this act that the horse of a life time is bound to be around the corner for you. Thanks for sharing the story.

Kate said...

Just lovely - some horses, particularly those who don't trust easily, really benefit from finding that special person who can really click with them.

allhorsestuff said...

This is really special.

Shirley said...

A door closed for you and opened for Stephanie. How wonderful the connection between them! Bless you for letting go at the right moment.

Freelance Freeman said...

What a brave decision you've made! Congratulations. And now begins the adventure of YOUR horse finding you.

Fragrant Liar said...

Oh man! Cibolo has a new mommy? Wow. Well good for you for making a hard decision that I know was in Cibolo's best interests. You did your best and gave it your all, and you can feel good about that.

Miss you bunches.


Crystal said...

Excellent, Im glad they found each other, now its your turn to find a special horse for you.

Funder said...

Awww, I'm very happy for all of y'all. And hang on to that saddle - there might be a nice Walker just waiting for you!

Wolfie said...

I am so pleased that it worked out for everyone. Sending you a virtual hug.

Cara said...

"He's a great horse!"
Every horse deserves to be owned by his greatest fan.

Maia said...

Your perfect horse is out there waiting. Now you are free to find him/her. No matter how sad you may be, in your heart you know that horse wasn't right. When you have to beat up a horse, it's not the right horse. All the good things are wating. Go find them.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I don't know why I never realized you had a blog before Breathe...but I found it and have just started following along.

It's always amazing when a horse that we may just try to get along with finds the person who really works for them.

Best of luck finding the perfect horse for you. said...

Holy cow. I was gone for the weekend and look at what I missed.

I can't wait to see the wonderful things that are next for you.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Breathe,
In response to your comment:

Bella isn't actually a rescued horse. In fact I consider Apache more of a rescued horse because she was in such a state of neglect, and even abuse when I bought her.

Bella was being boarded at the horse rescue by her owners. Our horse rescue offers boarding to people to raise funds to help go towards paying for the upkeep of the rescue facilities and the care and feed for the horses.

Bella was only recently available for adoption because her owners were going through a divorce and couldn't afford to take pay her board or care for her anymore.
Ironically, her primary owner was a 12 year old girl.

So don't give up on a rescued horse. In this poor economy, there are many good horses that end up at a horse rescue only because their owners can't afford them anymore.

Thanks again for your kind comments and support for my son Jax.


Paint Girl said...

That is wonderful that Stephanie and Cibolo are such a good match!! Very exciting!

Melanie said...

They look like they were made for each other. : )

And don't worry, you will find "your" horse.....

Life at Star's Rest said...

What an absolutely wonderful thing to read this morning as I sit here vegging and recovering from yesterday's hospital ordeal! I'm so glad I stopped by! Much love to you - Carmon

Once Upon an Equine said...

What a sweet story. And now you can look forward to a similar "happy beginning" (I like how Laughing Orac said that) when your new horse finds you.