Sunday, October 23, 2011

I have the best horse in world

Actually, unfairly I have TWO!

I know, I know. YOU have the best horse in the world.

But let me tell you about my best horses.

Today I rode my five year old boy, who came up to the gate, practically wagging his tail. Seriously the flies were that bad. But he came up.

I've been doing this lately. I greet my horses, and if I don't have a specific plan, I ride the horse who walks up to me. A slight variation on riding the horse that shows up.

Smokey rode for the first time in a bosal. I have been riding him in a riding halter, but can't get his head down very easily, i get the feeling the signal isnt clear. I had read on mugs that horses teeth change a good bit betwwen 4 and 6, and that she rode horses that age in a hack more. I had a sense his mouth just wasnt as comfortable with the bit.

The bosal was perfect, a slight pressure on the reins and his head dropped. And he worked off my seat and legs in a way that felt seamless.

We rode with Stephanie and Cibolo, Janice and Lucy, Kimber and Cody (it was my birthday trail ride). We lead most of the time and he was so willing and easy going that I had that feeling bubble up like soda fizz.


I even went down a steep hill which has been nerve wracking for me lately. We both went down like it was no big deal. Which it isn't, of course.

That's the crux of it, isn't it. Since it was no big deal to me, he was fine. There were still moments when I had to work to convince him a bit, but they were tiny battles. Teeny tiny. Just enough to remind me he is young, generally trust worthy, but still young

This is one of the by products of joy, I think. It all feels so different.

Then there's the other best horse in the world. But I'll have to tell you about the remarkable Miss Lily next time. Plus I have a vendor/product endorsement.

I'm going to sleep to dream about riding.


Allenspark Lodge said...



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds blissful!

Happy Birthday, funny and beautiful lady!


Anonymous said...

Very nice - and happy birthday!

Pie and I had a good trail ride yesterday too, mainly because I just decided I wasn't going to be nervous.

Grey Horse Matters said...

What a wonderful birthday present from Smokey. I'm so glad to hear that you had such a joyous trail ride. Sounds like you're floating on air. Happy Birthday!

Shirley said...

Horses are so in tune with our emotions. Even when we aren't aware of what we are emoting. Your joy with your horses is so heart warming.

Dan and Betty said...

Happy birthday and thanks for sharing your joy.


Wolfie said...

:-) Happy birthday!!!

Captain Bailey said...

I may be anthropomorphizing too much, but I swear one of the problems with a bit and a young horse is also the distraction. *I have something in my mouth! It tastes weird! When I chomp on it it doesn't go away!* etc. etc. I've got a smile on my face after reading your post. Happy birthday!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great ride.

Jan said...

Breathe, it sounds like you had the best birthday ever! I'm so glad for you and your horses. And they are the best horses in the world (except for mine) LOL! I, too, know what you mean by feeling the joy of it, and I'm so glad you are experiencing that. I'm sure Smokey and Lily are too. They are truly wonderful horses!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Happy belated birthday and it sounds like it was a really good one!

Maia said...

Happy belated birthday. Joy is the best present anyone could get.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Wonderful! "Joy" is a great description of how a good ride feels.

Margaret said...

Awesome! Joy IS a good thing.. and that photo in the post below is so funny.

Achieve1dream said...

Happy belated birthday! A birthday trail ride is the best ever! I'm glad you had fun. :)