Friday, November 14, 2008

Can you hear me?

It always happens. I sneak away for some Horse Time and my cell phone rings and it's the call I waited for for three hours and now I'm in the round pen and I have to take it!

So I decided to try to train anyway. I sat down on the mounting block and Canyon faced me. After about 2 minutes he started to look away, and I slammed the stick. Zappo. Back to paying attention. 5 minutes... ooo, what's over there...


Back to paying attention. After that he kept both ears and eyes on me.

So yes. You can train, even when you have your cell phone on.

And here's today's inane horseyish product: a cell phone holder in the shape of a horse. Lord help us.


GNH said...

I shut my cell phone off during horse time. My excuse is it would startle the horses ;)

Unknown said...

I used to leave it in the car and try to remember to do so. Canyon isn't bothered by the ring, but he was a bit startled when I "flipped" it open. Not a star trek fan, I guess.