Saturday, November 8, 2008

Invasive Politics

I recently joined a list serve and found something there that I've found on a few horse blogs this political season.


AKA devisive political bickering.

I work in politics. If you want to know where I stand, look me up on Facebook. If you want political wrangling, there are a million sites devoted to it. Fights are easy to find in today's political climate.

But I ride horses to escape all that ... manure. When I'm working with my horse I forget everything. I am in that moment, free from the pressure we've all put on ourselves. So when I geek out on line looking for virtual horse time, it sure would be nice to leave politics out of it, short of advocacy for horse related issues.

I've cleared out my blog roll of folks that will spend the next four years whining/crowing. I'm going to stick it out on this one list serve for another week, hopefully people will take their spurs to their horses rather than each other.

If not, I'm out of there. It's incredible to me that anyone believes you can change another person's mind in a fundamental way. There are always people in the middle - they shift from one side to the other. But at either end of the spectrum?

You might as well try to keep a horse from an open bag of sweet feed.

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