Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Round pen video

I decided to take a video of some of my round pen work with Canyon. Any and all observations are welcome.

Here are my caveats:
  1. he had just ate so I chose not to canter him.
  2. we are new to this "turn your back and have him approach" thing during round penning (which is how Marvin Walker describes it). So I cut him some slack and turned to call him in.
  3. he's never good at coming up to me. He won't leave, he'll drop his head, but he stands there the first time. suggestions?
  4. I'm working on keeping my balance at the trot. I'm sure that's obvious.

Okay, enough excuses. check it out...


20 meter circle of life said...

HI Jewel from 20 Meter Here, I just got done reading over your blog getting caught up on who you and Canyon are. First of all congrats on 1 year, secondly Canyon is lovely.. Now after reading all your posts, I can realte to your training challenges. I to have some of those same issues and this is one of the major reasons I ride/train dressage. Abu and Canyon seem to have an awful lot in common, if you ever need any insight or advice just holler as I am more than willing to shoot my mouth off!! Thanks for coming by 20 meter.

Breathe said...

Hi Jewel,
I definitely need all the advice I can get! Please feel free to shoot freely. :)

I guess my main question is how to increase his confidence and if I'm on the right track.

Abu is just wonderful, I can't imagine having the control - of my self or of Canyon - to ride dressage! It seems so complex!
Thanks for coming by

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I like the way your cues are so clear. It makes me realize that I need to be more deliberate with my body language.

Breathe said...

Thanks! Sometimes I think they are too much, I swear Canyon rolls his eyes at times... lol Thanks for coming by and for the feedback!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I SOOooo enjoyed watching your video. Canyon is totally in tune with you, so focuse. Yes, he gets a little bit stubborn on walking forward to you, but you can see that he understands. He's one smart cookie.
I love seeing the bond that the two of you have, as well.
Are you doing Parelli, and if so what level are you guys on?
I really like NH, too. Though we're not doing any particular program. We ride more than we do ground work, but I do think ground work is just a great way to bond and encourage your horse to trust and respect you. And it's obviously fun!

Hey, and great song choices, too. I actually live just a couple miles south of Rt 66 and have to drive it if I want to travel to Albuquerque for anything.

Is your name really Winter? I love it! It's so individual, not like boring, common 'Lisa'
I like winter, but prefer summer, though.....because then I can ride whenever I want. :)

I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing your horse experiences,

New Mexico

Breathe said...

We are sort of doing Parelli, as much as I can get out of the books because I refuse to fork out all that money on videos.

I fork it over for really expensive horse shoes, but that's another story.

I have no idea what level we are. I want to try to get him through an obstacle course at liberty. That'll be the next big hurdle.

And yes, it's really Winter. Except in 4th grade when I was, briefly, Katherine.