Saturday, September 26, 2009

If it's not one thing, it's another. and another. and another

It's amazing how life goes sometimes. It's why sometimes planning does me no good whatsoever.

Plan A: Ride with Anisha (friend from the stables who is always looking for a ride, just like me) to Bandera.

Plan A/2: Invite a couple from the stables to go too.

Complication A: Anisha has and unexpected dismount and her participation is iffy.

Solution A: Husband agrees to take her place.

Complication A2: Cibolo is injured (minor, but still concerning) and loses a shoe.

Solution A2: Farrier makes quick stop and puts two shoes on, just in case.

Complication A3: Friday we learn Lily has thrown a shoe. It's too late to get farrier out.

Which leads to:

PLAN B: Husband and I will bail on the couple for a shorter ride at the Lake.

Complication B: Husband wakes up at 2 am, tossing his cookies.

Which leads to :

PLAN C: Rudy had invited us over for a trail ride. His kids are over for the weekend, our children are excited. We call this morning and confirm at 10 am that we'll be over about noon.

Complication C: Youngest tosses her cookies at 10:15. Eldest is also not feeling well. Text Rudy.

Which leads to:

Modified Plan C: Me and Cibolo ride with Rudy, no kiddos...

Yesh. Good thing I wasn't trying to plan a meeting at the UN or something. They'd all have been meeting in the parking lot.

That said, it WAS a great training ride for our upcoming long trail ride in the Valley (a 12 miler). We did 7 + miles in about 3 hours, the second 3.5 miles almost at a constant trot, thank to Rudy's fast moving Paso Fino.

My posting, needless to say, is much improved as are my stomach muscles. I hope I will be able to sit up tomorrow.

This was also the first real training ride with Cibolo. At first he was a bundle of nerves. Dancing around, concerned about being in a new place. But soon we had our rhythm working. I had no idea how he'd react to anything - dogs, traffic, horses calling at the other side of fences, bridges and a fast moving Paso. The last time I'd been on that trail, it had been with Canyon. I'd lost lots of confidence and for me Cibolo is so new, I was worried about what could happen.

Cibolo was remarkable. We were charged by dogs, vehicles came up on both sides, there were roofers working on houses, Rudy pushed the pace and at one point I had to hold Cibolo down to a fast trot and not lope - because I'm still nervous about it.

In time, in time. (We did do one or two lopes, not long or anything. But I wasn't quite there. Getting closer, I think).

Cibolo was wonderful. He spooked in place for the charging dog, but other than that he was largely unfazed.

Last time I was on that trail, my horse bolted.

This time, my horse listened and looked to me for guidance; although he did want to stay up with the Paso, we had no arguments. Other than a reluctance to side pass to the keypad to open the gate, he was incredible. In fact on the first 4 miles, he didn't even break a sweat.




Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That's such awesome news! Maybe you'll even want to try out Competitive Trail Riding with Cibolo, too?!

Sometimes, it seems, the best laid plans don't happen because they weren't meant to be....because something even better is waiting to happen!

Happy Trails!

Kate said...

Maybe things worked out for the best and you and Cibolo got just the trail ride you needed - funny how that works! Every good ride like this will build his confidence (and yours!).

Cara said...

Sounds like a great ride happened anyway!

I know about plans going out the window. I have spent all of last week and part of the week before in a battle with what turned out to be poisen oak on my 13 year old's legs. It spread from one small patch on his ankle to both legs--big toe to nearly groin!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The trail safe horse is excellent news. If you can get one good ride on a horse, it builds both your confidence and the horse's, so you can keep on having good rides. You are more persistent than I am. I think after the second complication, I would have given up on my plans.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Grand news!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Trail safe horse and everyone alive and kicking here, could it, do I dare say this? = a Sat trailride at Bandera park? Linda knows the trails really well, and there is one (along some power lines) that I am aching to canter UP. Uphill and out of the arena is how it will be done for me and Jacks. I feel it. Throw me a few dates to work with if you are up for a morning of riding!!! Then maybe you can join us in November for a day or even just a ride as we are camping up near Austin. As usual I have forgotten the name of the place.....

Vectormom said...

Wow at this stage of my life, I'd love to have a safe trail horse!
You trails & tribulations with one trail ride were comical relief this morning! LOL!

Breathe said...

Lisa - I'd love to try orienteering, I don't know if I'm willing to go fast, necessarily... :)

Kate - I think you're right!!

Cara - That's awful - I hope he's feeling better

NM - around here you can't give up or you'll go crazy! :)

Jack - Thanks!

Mindy - you are on (I think you are talking about mckinney falls? or lost pines?)!

Vectormom - I'm glad to be ratcheting down the drama, that's for sure!