Sunday, September 20, 2009

Most amusing CL ad this week

I'm shopping for a saddle and every now and then I come across a hysterical ad on craigs list. Here's one:

8 yr dark chestnut gelding 15.2hh and 1250 lbs 
strip and a cross freeze brand on left hip 
big boned, and stout made 
used on exotic game ranch for 5 years 
day hunts and pulled the kill back to camp, from the horn 
gentle for kids and idiots

You know, most people don't consider it a good marketing technique to call potential buyers idiots. Or link kids with idiots. Especially if you spell your headline like this:


Pot, meet kettle.


Unknown said...

If you were looking for a horse for an in-law, it might work.

Unknown said...

My favorite has always been the ad that closed with 'must sacrifice today'. Hmmmmmmmm

I put my husband up on Mio today for the first time and when he looked a little worried before he climbed on, I said, 'Don't worry. Remember he carried idiots around safely for two years.' That made him laught and get his confidence back.


Leah Fry said...

It would probably be a selling point for me. I always say about my Jaz, that he's a friend to children and idiots everywhere.

Flying Lily said...

That is hilarious. Poor horse: dragging exotic dead animals from the saddle horn is not my idea of a nice job. I hope they are bs-ing about that.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I sort of feel sorry for the horse, being owned by people like that.

Vectormom said...

I can see how they would know their horse was good with idiots..... : D

Anonymous said...

At least they were honest...honesty is always good.

And maybe this is an elaborate scheme. You know, the idiots won't even come and look at the horse for fear of being called out and so the new owner will be a very nice, decent rider.