Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cibolo's first post

Hi. Um. It's me. Cibolo.

I've been a little reluctant to start this blogging thing, because it seems to me that it really cuts into grazing time.

But I thought since I've got the internet in my stall and everything it would be a shame to just let it sit here.

Besides, I was promised a cookie if I did a post.

Personally my favorite cookies are those nicker ones. I can smell those a mile away.

mmm. cookies.

Now where was I? Oh yeah. A post. Okay.

Let's see. I guess I could tell you about our day. Me and my alpha mare were in the sorrel circle today. It was really weird. She decided it was time to put the little rocks in a water bottle and shake them.

I'm not sure what the point of that whole thing was. I swear, she needs to stop reading those magazines. I just sort of looked over and she'd stop shakin' them. But we hadn't been in the sorrel circle for a while so I was sorta curious about the other barn across the way and such. Then she was jumping and shaking that thing. So I looked at her and took a step back, because I was starting to think she was going to go loco or something.

Turns out I was supposed to be SCARED of that thing.

Yesh. It's a water bottle with rocks in it, for goodness sake. I didn't get scared of that crazy dog, the other day, I'm sure not going to be scared of a bunch of rocks in a bottle. We had a good laugh over that.

So we left the circle and went on our first trail ride alone, just me and my alpha mare. I was a little excited at first, I mean, who wouldn't be? She hadn't gone anywhere with just me. Like I was a baby or something. I guess she had to cowgirl up a little. Anyway we got it figured out. Pretty soon she was singing and I was keeping the rhythm going and it was really nice to be out and away from all the flies and other horses and just do some running around. Well, actually more like walking and trotting. She says no running. Not yet, anyway. Fine with me!

Oh, hey, I thought it might be nice for you to meet Lily's BOYFRIEND. She says it's just platonic, whatever the heck that means. All I can tell you is he has a hissy fit every time she's with me.

I keep telling him she's like a sister, but you can't really talk to Pasos, you know?

His name is Armador. I call him Big Nose. I mean LOOK at that Snoz! Alpha mare says he has a pretty mane. I say he's wasting all that energy growing hair instead of muscles. He's not a bad guy, I guess.

And here's a picture of the little alpha mare with Lily. She loves to spray with that thing. Lily is really brave, she stands on that flat rock where they spray us. I fell off one of those once, so I move over to the grassy part.

Alright. That's all I got. I guess I better head out, I can see that thoroughbred is getting all the grass. Take care and watch out for those water bottles. Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Not scared of dogs or bottles with rocks - my, you are a steady sort of guy! Want to come to our barn and go riding with me and my person? Maisie

Cara said...

Hay there! You've been taking good care of that alpha, you even let her think she is boss mare.

You are steady like my Janow horse. He is very brave, he only gets scared when he's in the mood. He's not really scared, just pretending for fun. He doesn't blog.

I have a rabbit who blogs, but she won't blog on my blog. Noooo. She's too bossy. She has to have her own! She is Silver, on

Vectormom said...

Hi Cibolo! Great post for your first time! Keep us up to date on your goings-on. Blogging is great fun and you can read about all kinds of other horses too! Hay I got a pretty mare you might like to take a look at. I only have one picture of her on my blog but I'll add more soon. Hava a great week!

Breathe said...

Thanks everybody! we're off on a big trip, I'll let you know how it goes.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow, Cibolo, you seem like a nice guy, putting up with water bottles of rocks being shook at you and taking your Alpha mare out for a ride all alone, giving her some confidance and having some fun together....and even agreeing to do a blog post. You sure do deserve those cookies.....a handful for sure!