Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saddle and the Fiesta del Rancho

Well, I think I've found a saddle, let's see if I don't get out bid.

Here it is... It's pretty nice, I have a feeling it's going to go for more than what I've got. But I've put my limit there, so there's not much more I can do. Keep your fingers crossed!

Tomorrow we're off to South Texas for a big Celebration of the Rancho in Concepcion. Lily's hoof wall is really broken and shes got a boot on, but I'm not taking her. I haven't been able to train her (and no one here has... carried through... ahem... I'm not naming names or anything) and combined with the hoof issue, I'm worried how she'd do. Not to mention how her RIDER would do.

Sigh. Why does everyone think they can just hope on a horse and ride for 12 miles without getting in shape?

I'll post some pix tomorrow of Lily's hoof (I could use some advice) and I promise to take a jillion pictures on the ride. I'll be working with a cell phone camera, so keep your expectations low...

After the ride there's a big fiesta with great Tejano music and mariachis and a carnival and food.

Of course I don't listen to much Tejano, but it's a blast to hear live, and there's something about an accordion in the hands of a master... Just listen to this kid (at 16 he just won Texas' Big Squeeze accordion prize and headed to Germany for the big prize)

Not that he'll be there, but it gives you an idea, anyway...

See you when I get back! Stay safe!

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allhorsestuff said... sorry to hear of the travail with hoof wall isssues...will be intereste to see that.
You have fun at the celebration. The Accordion!!! 16 really...he is good!
Stayin safe here!