Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Steaming (OT)

I've given my last dollar to the Salvation Army. Apparently they feel the need to check the immigration status of children before they'll give them a toy.

Read more here.

Excuse me, but wasn't a certain baby born in a manger because of some pretty hostile government attitudes?

Who wants to bet they don't check out the immigration status of donors?

I understand some of the reaction people have to tax dollars being spent on people here illegally, but charity? Do we really need to withhold teddy bears and bicycles?

Sigh. Where's my horse? I need a more reasonable animal.


Chelsi said...

I just shake my head in wonder. Is this what has come to?

So sad.

Anonymous said...

Horses are good - horses don't care about politics, or anything like that - it's one of the best things about them!

Leah Fry said...

I share political views with horses. The older I get, the more I understand there are no cut & dry answers, no easy answers. What's right is right, and has nothing to do with lines on a map.

Michelle said...

Wow. So much for the "season of giving" and the "holiday spirit"

Unknown said...

OT to this post, though I am shocked to learn of this!

This link is to a Pete Ramey, hoof rehab guru, article on working with a clubbed foot:


mj said...

Your last sentence, about the horse being a more reasonable animal, is so true. What the powers-that-be could learn from a little interaction in a herd of horses!

Grey Horse Matters said...

You'll feel better after you hug your horse. Regardless of what your political thoughts may be, I say it's never a good thing to take it out on the children. This is why I like animals more than people sometimes.

Jennifer said...

Let's give them all toys
And a free education
And a free house
And free health care

Jennifer said...

And, as it stands, in Houston, even if they ask for a Social Security number, they're not refusing the kids for toys.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What Jennifer said. But I sure wish some of that generosity would trickle down to legal Americans sometimes, too. My kids have no insurance because my husband makes just $123 over what is permitted....but we can't afford the insurance he can get through his job either.
The kids are only getting one present each this year because hubby still has to pay off the training costs for his job, but at least he has a job, so we are better of than some Americans. I am thankful for that indeed.