Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In our barn - musings

It's been a difficult and sad week here in our barn.

I don't mean our barn in the Texas Hill Country, I mean the barn here. In the blogland community.

The loss of Lyle and the terrible diagnosis of Laz, along with the sad unfolding of Miranda has made tears flow and a wish that the "enter" key really worked on our computers and we could do more than leave pixels, but could deliver what is beyond words.

Hugs. Laughs at shared memories of these horses. Shoulders to lean on.

I realized yesterday that these horses, are so different. For me they've moved beyond the places I thought they'd be - like where the Black lives in my mind, or Black Beauty. That's a place of dreams, wishes, and ideals.

Instead these horses, along with their owners/rider/minions have entered a barn of the heart. And when they pass, or struggle, we all grieve...


Mrs Mom said...

You are right- it has been a hard, HARD week in the equi-blogosphere. I've been in tears more times than not reading the news from fellow bloggers.

Heres hoping for a better week for all of us.

Jocelyn said...

Its been a tough week in pony blogland.

I can't imagine watching your best friend die right before your eyes then having the strength to put it into words.

Anonymous said...

Kind thoughts for all those who, in the virtual barn, are having a hard time - I sometimes wish we could all be together in our own barn, where we could do wonderful things with our horses together.

the7msn said...

Just saw this...what a perfect way to describe the connection we all feel to each other and each other's horses. Thank you for your support and your kindness.