Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sailing without mommy - an update

(For this to make sense, read yesterday's post)

Yes. Well. Now they missed the MEETING AT THE SCHOOL last night!!! The big huge important meeting! The one I canceled music lessons so they would go!

*head slap*

And there's a possibility I could be snowed in in Baltimore.


I'd like to point out that I did not give them a carefully mapped out list of activities past Thursday. Which means they'll have to WING IT.

Of course, that's what they've been doing all along.


Hug a horse for me, would ya?


Fragrant Liar said...

Good god, I can't believe you actually left them HOME ALONE! Remember what happened there?

Hope you don't get snowed in. You know you missed all kinds of snow here. I think we peaked at about 1/8".

cdncowgirl said...

Hopefully the ship doesn't sink while you're gone ;)

Saw your comment over at Lisa's (Laughing Orca) and was curious. Could you pass on the title and author of that book? (something about reading horses's faces?)

thx :)

Mrs Mom said...

LOLOLOLOL Breathe.... I Am Jealous!!! Days away from the children???? In Baltimore?? Dude!!

(OK OK so you are right. I'd be totally lost after the first 5 hours with out the little dudes "helping" me along....)

Enjoy the snow!! And don't worry- if the crew sinks the ship, there are other ships around ;)

Wolfie said...

As much as it seems frustrating to you, your current situation has given me a chuckle today - sorry! Maybe having them go through your absence is a good thing. It will make them appreciate you even more..????

Hope you don't get snowed in - unless, of course, you are staying in a 5-star hotel and have access to great room service! :-)

Kate said...

YAA (Yet Another Award) for you over on my blog!