Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping and other dangerous activities

I hopped on line to do a little shopping, prior to Mr. Cibolo's meltdown, and found some riding pants. Since I've been riding more, I've started to find my jeans are not as comfortable - the seams really do start to feel uncomfortable, particularly when you are being more active in your riding - asking for diagonals on the trail and such to keep your horse's mind on the job.

So I splurged on a pair of riding pants. I ordered a pair of blue, boot cut Irideon. I always thought it was silly to buy riding pants because jean are just fine. Then I realized how distracting it is too feel the seam rubbing a trench on your thigh.

Let me tell you, they better be tough. I can't afford two pair of these.

Then I found this:

What do you think? Anyone have one of these? It holds 30 gallons! And it's a saddle rack (I'm missing one).

It would have to wait for next month's budget, though.

As for other dangerous activities, I'm looking at saddles again. I know, I know. I'm crazy. I was even online looking at horses!

But, if our rumored bonus comes through, then I may finally get myself a nice saddle. Doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Unfortunately I always find the beautiful saddles and horses when I'm not in the market.

They don't call it temptation for nothing...


Lisa from Laughing Orca suggested I should ride Lily. I wanted to clarify - I do ride her. Unless I'm riding with someone who doesn't have a horse. Lily is Sierra's and DH's ride, so when we go out, they ride her. I haven't been able to ride her lately because there is someone riding with me. And I'm still trying to work with Cibolo.

He has, as my barn owner says, many wonderful qualities. Maybe it's asking too much to have another horse, younger and a gelding, with the same attitude as Lily - because I'd like to try some modest endurance riding in the near future.

Maybe the things I'm dealing with are relatively minor and can be solved over time with concerted effort. Like Cactus Jack suggested. Miles of activities to stay engaged.

Or maybe these issues are a hard wired aspect of this horse's personality. As Trail Rider said, he might not be the solid trail horse I'm looking for. (Trail Rider, look out, you may have a quarter horse to freak out - how fun will that be?)

I honestly don't know. But I'm going to ride Lily when I have the chance. Because it is fun to have a good, level headed horse in your life.

And by working through some of this with Cibolo, I'm also convincing myself that I'm not just being a person who is "blowing" it with this horse, and would blow it with any horse. I have gotten rid of a good deal of fear in dealing with this situation, and while I did dismount, I did so with presence of mind, not in a panic, not with fear.

I recognized, responded, and repaired. I cantered down the road and up the hill. I rode off alone. I focused on riding a line. I'm becoming a better horseman in the process, and that's probably what fate has in mind for me.

Wolfie, Susan, Kate, and Lytha, you're right. I did make some serious progress by pushing through that mess. Maybe that's what helps a horse like Cibolo.

Cibolo may be better suited to arenas, or he may be better suited to trail riding only with his set herd. Or it may just be about mud. I have no idea. It really will take more time, more riding to make a final determination. Leah, it seems, has a similar dilemma with Poco.

It's funny, both Poco and Cibolo got all the tools they need to be great trail horses - except, perhaps the one between the ears.

Still, I'm definitely learning a thing or three. I'm learning what it is I want from my horse partner and what I can bring to the partnership. I don't want to be a bump on the saddle rider. I want to trail ride, to work together, to be a supportive partner. Ride long and hard, listen, and learn.

For now, I have to continue to explore this. And, as long as I can keep both my wits about me and myself safe, being pushed to be better at reading and handling a horse like this is not a bad thing.

But boy, does it have some moments.

BTW: Head over to to sign a petition to stop the abusive practice of rollkur in dressage... The folks in charge of this need to understand that the practice has no place in professional horse work.


Kate said...

Or maybe it just takes time - sometimes a little bit of time and sometimes a lot - who knows? The journey is the point, not the destination.

Leah Fry said...

Exactly your situation. I ride Jaz unless someone else is here, then I put them on Jaz and I ride Poco. Most of the time, Poco is fine as long as he's with his buddy, but if Jaz spooks, all bets are off. I am much more confident on Poco in the arena or round pen than anywhere else.

And Kate is right: it's the journey.

Susan said...

I wear Wranglers because they're the only brand of jeans I know of that are rider friendly. They put the bulky seam on the outside, which makes them much more comfortable to ride in.

Trailrider said...

I like that plastic saddle rack/water container. I've seen them before, and I think they're smart. I could water my horse(s) and my dog from there. And I could put it in the back of my truck to keep the saddle secure. I hate tossing my saddle in the back of the truck, no matter how careful I am about where/how I set it, it doesn't seem right without the saddle rack.

Let me know where you get it and for how much. I'd like to buy one, too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like you're doing a lot of soul searching. That's good. I did the same with Baby Doll when things really started to head south. I wish I would have done it sooner, though. For that first year I really thought I could handle her issues and that in time we could be perfect partners.....

Thankfully at least you do have a calm, fun horse to ride when you're not working with Cibolo.

Have you considered joining ACTHA (American Competitive Horse Association)? This would be another helpful way to get Cibolo and you out on the trails together, even just as Buddy Riders, without having to partake of all the trail challenges. Just ride to get the miles and experience, with other riders.

I noticed there are many rides set up all over Texas, too.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That water tank / saddle rack is brilliant. I have one of those long, tall corner tanks, but the ball at the end of the hose leaks, so I need to replace it. The title of this post made me smile.

Tammy in TX said...

Love, love shopping!!!! And Irideons are GREAT breeches! BTW, where in TX do you live? If you are close, go to Teskey's in Weatherford, you will LOVE it! And if you can find your way around Weatherford, go to Horseman's Supply.

Michelle said...

I have never heard of those pants...might have to check them out. Although I've only really had problems with my jeans when I'm riding in my hunt saddle. Saddle rack/water tank is awesome!! Where can we get one of those?