Friday, March 19, 2010

Bandaid of Time

Today I found a tiny used band-aid. This was a sign. Yet another one I’m not ready for.

Because a band-aid means injury. As mom, I have been the sole administrator of band-aids for all minor and major (which means minor with a whole lot more yelling) injuries for over 11 years. That time, apparently, has come to an end. My eldest daughter put on her OWN band-aid.

What’s next? Will she be taking her own temperature or stitching wounds in the playground?

“It’s just a blister,” she said, when I confronted her with the evidence.

Then she went off to program the computer or something.

Then, as I was sitting at my desk, reeling from my loss in medical status, our seven year old came up.

“I pulled out a splinter,” she said solemnly.

“WHAT?” I nearly fell over. Wasn’t it just two months ago when the Splinter Fairy had to come in the middle of the night to pull out splinters because … well, because that’s what it took to avoid leather restraints around here? “You pulled out a splinter? By yourself?” I gasped.

“Yes,” she said, somewhat shocked. It was as if she couldn’t believe it herself. “I used tweezers.”

Of course I told her it was fantastic, that I was terribly proud of her, and that she was clearly well on her way to medical school.

Then, after she had gone back downstairs, I spent 20 minutes looking at baby pictures.

Every day the signs of this sort abound. I remember when every step seemed monumental – tying shoes, learning the alphabet, getting the number seven to face the right direction. We used to practically throw a party for every milestone, call relatives all over the place, send pictures, maybe make a certificate or something.

But now it’s going so fast I barely have time to celebrate, let alone lament. These kids are no longer just growing up; they are leaping through some sort of time portal with jet packs on their back.

And I sit in the living room with a box of band-aids in one hand and a set of tweezers in the other, watching them whiz by. Dr. Mom is apparently now … unemployed.

So… Well, does anybody have a boo boo?

I have 11 years experience and a box of Barbie band-aids raring to go. And I’ve got great connections with the Splinter Fairy.


Anonymous said...

My two are now 19 and 20, and I'm now completely irrelevant, except for doling out money!

Wolfie said...

And, so it begins..... :-) Loved this post, Breathe.

Wolfie said...

OT, Breathe, but I wanted to thank you for sharing Chosen by a Horse. I finished it last night. Wonderful story.

Mrs. Mom said...

Would a Barbie band aid help my back?

If so I'm all for it.....

(LOL I can hear Leah Fry now... she'll tell me I need alcohol ;) )

Unknown said...

The first time my son put on his own bandaid was totally different! He put on every bandaid in the package, ALL OVER HIS BODY!

It was different.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Bravo! That post was so beautifully written that it brought both tears of laughter and sadness to my eyes. Maybe you could send your young one over her to help me find my tweezers. Actually, I think I lost them somewhere in Arizona.

Michaela said...

I used to hang around the skate park, ready to band-aid my sons' injuries. However I also used to rush up to other kids who grazed themselves and take care of them too. Until I realized that when you are 14, it is HUMILIATING to have someone's mom rush up and band-aid you in front of the cool crowd. That mothering instinct sure is strong, hey?

Gail said...

Love this! You had me laughing and I surely needed that.

It purely "sucks" when (you think)they don't need you anymore.

Mine are in their thirties and they still need me, not for bandaids and splinters, but they need it.

Susan said...

You're going to have to collect more four legged kids so you'll have more doctoring to do.

Susan said...

You're going to have to collect more four legged kids so you'll have more doctoring to do.

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez, I remember those days and believe me the coming ones only whiz by faster and faster. Before you know it, they'll be gone and you'll be wondering what hit you.

Now, I'm used to all the "free" time and wondering how I ever managed without it. LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Nope, not unemployed. Your job description and responsibilities have just changed a little, as they will often do as your children grow up.

Hmmmm, what a clever idea to call in the Splinter Fairy at night. I've never tried that one before. Sounds sneaky...but awesome!


It's great to see Chosen by a Horse making it's rounds. How did you like it?
It made me cry. Not many books are able to do that for me. It's one of my favorites now.