Monday, June 28, 2010

And things were going so well

What would Pokey do?

Cibolo and I had a really lousy trail ride the other day. I partially blame myself. I didn't listen to the voice inside that said "you are too tired to do this."

We have a great deal of stress, had gotten some bad news, and lost a big battle (as an industry) at work. Everything seemed to be pressing down hard. I wanted to see my horses, but truly was too tired.

So I decided I'd just go and at least lay hands on them.

When I got there the barn owner said "we can ride on the ranch!"

We never get to ride on the ranch next door (with over 600 acres), so I felt like it was something I really needed to take advantage of. Even if it would be nearly a 2 hour ride.

But I hadn't seen my horse in a week. I had no time for even the most basic ground work. We were riding with a teenager who rides a hot, hoppy OTTB, who she loves to canter over rocks and such. Right away I found that I kept missing my horse's signals. Signals that he was taking charge. And by the time I did catch on, it was too late. I missed that 5 minute window.

At one point he gave me one little buck, which I found darn discouraging. I rode through it, but I was really, really ticked. I really don't want a horse that'll buck, even if I AM tired. Who the heck was this horse?

And my foot hurt from all the trotting.

And I was still tired.

I learned what the term "ride my ride" means.

And I know now that I need to listen to myself. When I'm too tired, I'm too tired.

Yesterday I took a pass on riding yet again with the teenager on the ranch. Instead we worked in the round pen, I got my horse reconnected, and worked on my bareback riding for a bit. Slowly the trotting is coming along. I almost felt competent for 3 steps! I'm committed to working on it this week.

There's lots of news around here, and it'll take a few days to tell it all. Part of it you can read here, from our dog. I'll try to catch up, I've sure missed everyone!

You wouldn't buck on me, would ya, Pokey?


Fantastyk Voyager said...

There will be down days as well as good days on your journey. Don't take it to heart though, next time may be perfect. Hope you're feeling more cheery soon.

Leah Fry said...

I'm curious as to what industry you are in. There's so much going on in DC these days.

Re the bad ride: they can't all be winners.

Anonymous said...

Two steps forward, one step back - that's how it is for all of us sometimes. If you hadn't been so tired, you would have been more on top of things. I've been guilty myself of that too.

Don't worry too much - and pick your riding partners carefully! (That's the reason I never go on the trail with my younger daughter and Dawn - they're too go-go for me!)

Wolfie said...

Of course you are tired! My goodness, you have a lot on your plate and I can totally understand why you would need to lay your hands on your horses - they absorb the stress from us. Perhaps you need a "me" day. Hope you are feeling up soon. Take care of your foot!