Monday, June 14, 2010

Last week of school Sumer Exodus

I've been a little behind on posting my crib notes here, but here's one from 3 weeks ago...

The start of summer is not very subtle at our house. It’s like a fire alarm, launch of the space shuttle, and elephant stampede all rolled into the last week of school.

Of course the last week of school is the best week of school. Every eye in the place is on the exit, and I do mean EVERY eye. The very door everyone bounded in with so much excitement nine months ago beckons again, this time swinging out into the great world. I predict more than a few kids and teachers will hit that door at a dead run.

Where did the time go? Every kid I see climbing into cars at drive ups is taller, their face has changed, they’ve outgrown at least two pairs of shoes. They are filled with almost-Summer energy, enough to power our entire town for weeks.

And it’s not over quite yet. Our to-do list is extra long and we’re scrambling to get everything done – to finish paperwork, buy party supplies, get phone numbers for friends that we swear we’ll see over the Summer. There’s a designated water day for second grade for which Mireya is PUMPED, mostly because she’ll get to take a change of clothes.

And speaking of water, the waterfall of saved up school projects has started to come in the door – the pictures from art class, the notebooks filled with work, the smiling faces or the hand written “try harder” at the top of worksheets. I’ve cleaned off the counters in anticipation.

It’s also a little sad this time around. This is the last year for elementary school for Sierra, despite my pleas to the principal that they work in one more year. She’s off to middle school, where the world will be just that much bigger and more complex.

For the first time little sister Mireya will be on her own, without big sister’s big shadow at school.

But now’s not the time to worry over changes that are months away. Now’s the time to get ready for the grand exodus.

We’ve already tested the neighborhood pool, made our list for necessary summer survival gear (which includes new beach towels, noodles, and a really huge inflatable ball), stayed up late on one school night in complete violation of Mommy’s rules, and even started eating ice cream every night.

Yes, chaos is reigning at the Prosapio house. A sure sign of a great summer ahead.


Wolfie said...

I loved this post - so descriptive. It brought back great memories from a long time ago. Your summer sounds like it's off to a great start!

Jocelyn said...

I love Summer!

I sleep in a tent, sponge bath in my trailer and sit in my soccer mom chair by the fire the rest of the time I'm not riding !
Cant wait to hear about your next endurance adventure!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Perfect description of the chaotic beginning of the busiest season!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What a great post... I love your writing style! Summer is my favorite season... hope you have a wonderful one.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wonderful post! Yay for summer!

A really big inflatable ball, you say? Might that be a fun toy to play with Lily and Cibolo? hehe!

Happy summer to you and your girls!