Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad News, Good News and Big Accomplishments

Officially petable.

First one of two big accomplishments this weekend. Dyno and Sierra passed the test to be a therapy dog team! Sierra is excited to take Dyno to nursing homes to visit those who might enjoy the peace a sweet dog can deliver.

(Dyno will be blogging about this later. He's darn excited.)

The bad news is that Lily is lame. I swear no one is more bummed than she is.

We headed out to the barn Sunday morning, marveling at the wonderful cold front that had brought temps down to below 80. It was incredibly beautiful. We did a few warm up passes, then did a few hills - just walk trot.

When we headed down a hill she started limping and Sierra immediately got off. Lily hated coming into the barn, you could tell. She loves getting out and this just about broke her heart.

We put her in a stall and gave her bute. Looks like we have to start injections now. Was hoping that would wait for a bit, given our budget woes.

Smokey, observing the "graze" cue.

Sierra headed in and got Cody at our urging. On the Trail ride Smokey was pretty much in the lead the whole way, the cool weather just brought out his forward nature. In fact the only issue we had was standing still. So we worked on that for a while.

We cantered a bit, trotted, did some obstacle course (just circling, backing, going around bushes, etc.) work, and had a grand time.

Look at the size of this cactus!
(Thanks to Steph and Cibolo for volunteering to be size reference points)

Sierra and Cody had a fabulous time! They even ended up GALLOPING! This was Sierra's first gallop (long one, anyway)! Looks like Cody'll be going to Conception. It's good to have a bench player.

So, while we put a budget together for Lily's recovery, she'll be resting at home. And Cody will be headed to South Texas on Friday...


Anonymous said...

Poor Lily - hope she feels better soon. Sounds like the day turned out well regardless, and looking forward to reports on the ride.

Wolfie said...

Yay, Dyno and Sierra!!! Great job and for a very worthwhile cause. Fantastic!

Poor Lily.... :-(

Crystal said...

Aww poor Lily. Hope she gets better. Exciting news for Dyno and Sierra though! And glad you had a good ride after all. And that cactus is huge!

Paint Girl said...

So sorry to hear about Lily!! I hope she is feeling better real soon!
That is so great about Dyno and Sierra!! Love it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Apache's lame, too. But only on uphills. Weird. I've got the chiro/massage therapist coming on the 7th. Hopefully she'll be better by the back-to-back Halloween ACTHA ride in Edgewood next month.

Cody is adorable. And Sierra riding Cody is even cuter!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope Lily heals quickly and feels better soon. Still it sounds like you all had a good ride.

Leah Fry said...

Sorry about Lily. That Cody's a looker! And yay Dyno & Sierra. What a nice thing to do.

How 'bout that cold front? Yeehaw!!

Jeni said...

That sucks about Lily.... hopefully you can get her to where she is comfortable again.

Does look like a great ride and Cody is a gorgeous paint!

morningbrayfarm said...

Congratulations to Dyno and Sierra... very, very cool. Best wishes to Lily for a speedy recovery.

Holy moly, that's one very large cactus!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh sorry to hear of this development.Hope she can be
Healed soon...
Glad for the other news...really nice ride...what a looker of a Paint!

My man worked in a care facil ityfor a year, before the hospital, he loved seeing the dogs come in...people who would not talk or seem to acknowledge much...would come to life!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

So sorry to hear about Lily! I hope she can recover soon. It is great when it is a bit cooler, isn't it? Hate those hot days!

Jan said...

Sorry to hear about Lily. Hope it isn't too bad. It sounds like you had a great ride on Smokey! And Sierra with Cody- glad to hear about both of your rides. Hope all goes smoothly on your upcoming big ride! Can't wait to hear more.

aurora said...

This is good news, and bad news. Poor Lily!!