Sunday, August 28, 2011


You tell me.


and 2:

Comments and critiques welcome, but I think I improved (except for the very end lurch).

More videos and a post a little later. Stayed up too late. It was 110 today, which we do not do.

This better not be global warming, because if it is, I'm moving.

Hope you had a horse filled weekend...


Allenspark Lodge said...

You looked great. But more importantly, how did you FEEL?

Looked like you were having fun!


Margaret said...

Yes, I really think you were more seated and relaxed. (from what little I know :) And it looked like so much fun!

Trailrider said...

Very nice. Relaxed rider making for relaxed horse.

Dan and Betty said...

I agree with Bill. You looked like you were enjoying yourself - especially in video #1. Nice and relaxed.


Anonymous said...

looked more relaxed.. arms are MUCH better...
heels down heels down heels down heels down heels down