Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lily update, round penning and charming.

It's been so crazy at work, this will be pretty short. (I said that, but... well, look at this. It's long!)

Lily seems to be doing better after her injection. We worked both her and Cibolo in the round pen on Monday, then again on Wednesday and she had very little discomfort. Very promising.

Monday's round penning brought out a few bucks in both Lily and Cibolo, and I was worried when with Cibolo's in particular. I guess I'm a little paranoid about bucking, because I know a horse that hasn't been worked will buck in a round pen. Neither was saddled up and it was the first real work they'd done in a week.

By the end of the session Cibolo had finished his bucking (Lily only gave one, Cibolo had more like five) and was cruising around in a semi controlled fashion. I had trouble keeping him in a canter, but after a few rounds we got there.

Wednesday the farrier came out and we got shiny new natural balance shoes on both Lily (who keeps kicking off her rear shoes) and Cibolo.

Cibolo really charmed the farrier. His demeanor and level head came across instantly and by the time the farrier finished one shoe he said "I'd work on 15 horses like this one in a week. What a great horse."

Even though I can take absolutely no credit for it, I was ridiculously proud.

Lily has been more of a puzzle for the farrier, largely because she does have pain issues. He's very patient with her, patient but firm when she acts up. But every time she does pull away, he notes that it's not misbehavior. "She's trying to tell me something." He fusses over the hoof doing something I can't see, and then she responds better.

I learned something at that moment. I had jumped to the conclusion that she was giving attitude. He said it wasn't that at all, that there was an issue he needed to puzzle out.

I need to remember that. Both with Lily and probably, with life.

That said, holding horses for 3 hours is really... rough. I think I was more sore than I have ever been riding. I don't know how you farriers do it!!

We also cleared the air about the whole farrier/vet circle I got in. (I'd called my old farrier during the last encounter with the previous vet) He was fine with it, he just wanted to stay in the loop. I told him my vet said he was ding a terrific job and all I wanted was Lily to feel better.

Then after he was done shoeing Lily she stood funny, one front foot out a bit. But it was inconsistent. He offered to pull off the shoe, but recommended we leave it on for a couple days. It could be that she's feeling better in the other hoof and is shifting weight. It's just hard to tell. Fortunately it seemed to clear up the next day.


Trailer loading is going okay, I guess. They both will load and stand until I back them out (takes a few tries). But I'm not really making progress, since I'm alone or just with my 11 year old. I need another adult to help me get to the place where I'm putting the butt bar on and hauling down the road. I know it hasn't been long, but I'm a little discouraged because I want to go down to the lake to ride with both and I can't even imagine getting them in the trailer at this point on my own...


Our second round penning session went better - was totally buck free.

Question for all you veterans - what do you do when your horse bucks (not under saddle, just under round pen ground work)? Is it harmless? Is it disrespect (sometimes they are 'aimed in your general direction' kind of things) and therefore require a reaction?

I generally think of a buck as deserving only of another circle until the bucks stop. I try not to have any kind of reaction at all other than urging them to keep moving forward. But I was curious what others do.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm sorry Lilly is still having issues with her feet. I hope the farrier can get it figured out soon enough. Does she have to wear shoes?
You should be proud of Cibolo because it shows that you did your research and bought a good horse.

Baby Doll has never bucked with me in the saddle, except for tiny half-hearted crowhops when she thinks we should head back to the barn.
But she does sometimes buck once or twice in the round pen when being worked. As long as she's not wearing a saddle, I don't mind at all. It's the horse's opportunity to get the bucks and farts out and be less fresh. I think it also feels good, sort of like a stretch, when a horse bucks like that.
I bet you're just feelin cautious because of Canyon, though, so listen to your instincts, while also giving Cibolo a chance to prove himself.


Kate said...

Sounds like you have a really good farrier - you are lucky. I use the Natural Balance shoes on Maisie's fronts, and she does well with them.

Bucking - if not under saddle, I don't care. If under saddle, it almost always means something - for a horse to buck uses a lot of energy and isn't done lightly - it often means that there is a serious issue somewhere - often pain (teeth, ulcers, chiropractic, saddle fit, etc.) or very serious worries that indicate a big gap in training. The horse is telling you how he feels inside with his actions on the outside. Doesn't make it any less scary, though!

Cara said...

When Janow bucks in the roundpen, I just laugh to myself. He never bucks cold, always warms himself up. He bucks less at 20 than he did at 12.

He used to buck under saddle. He didn't buck me off, and he wouldn't run off his energy before I got on. He would have one really good bucking fit every day before settling into serious work. There was always an excuse.... a gum wrapper, a magpie....a tree.

When he bucks in the round pen now, it is because he has seen something exciting, like another horse giving the rider or handler a bad time. He will do his "Black Stallion" and observe. Then, if the person is getting the situation under control, he will put in some crazy bucking to get it going again.

And then he will watch.

He hasn't made a lot of friends this way, but I am unable to stop him once he begins. My interference only fuels the fire.

Janow has a sense of humor that is a little bit nasty. He has always enjoyed making a bad situation worse.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Bucking if I'm not aboard? Who cares? Jackson does it occasionally and I usually just marvel at how beautiful and free he looks. Of course, we don't have any issues with it so I've never even thought to be concerned. It just shows me that my boy is happy. Maybe Lily needs to be barefoot? Jackson has never had shoes and since it works for us I'm not messing with it! I did go look at Old Mac's and Easyboots today for our really rocky rides, but his feet are STEEL! My farrier is pretty great! Both of my friends I ride with shoe the fronts of their horses tho'. Everyone thinks I'm weird. Whatever. Not broken, don't mess with it! Yeah, we will ride together. If you want, I can drive up sometime and help you with the trailer issue.

Life at Star's Rest said...

I'm back...I appreciate that you missed me... :)

Many things happening, some astoundingly good, others just life altering. I'll be writing more soon.

On bucking, my rule is, if you have your clothes on, meaning even a halter, it's work time and time to be focused. If they are completely bare, they are welcome to express in whatever form suits them as long as it isn't dangerous to me or anyone/anything else. Mine have always quickly figured that out and even in exciting new situations they settle as soon as the halter goes on.


Life at Star's Rest said...

PS ~ I *knew* you would find your very own 'Mio!'