Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two steps forward, one buck back.

Can you tell she really didn't want to go on a trail ride?

New Saddle. Thank you ebay.

Her horse is listening.



Out on the trail at Canyon Lake. Adam in front with our BO, Donna.

My Happier rider.

We borrowed a horse - this is the first time we've been out all together.

We divide up - and off goes Adam and Donna on a little trot time.

Me. Before IT happened.

Beautiful tree break...

The Sorrel Gang.

After here Cibolo got jiggy.
I got him under control.
His foot slid in the mud.
It startled him.
Then he bucked.
I stayed on.
I kept riding.
Turned him, worked him. Got off for a while
where we were trying to do some trail work.
Got back on and rode.

I'm pretty discouraged at this point.

Because I don't think can do bucking. Period.

We rode back. My mood matched the sky.

Still does.


Anonymous said...

Hey - you Did the buck! Be proud of yourself! My Maisie often does the spook/small buck thing. But . . . and this is important . . . it's certainly OK to decide that he's not the horse for you, after giving it some time. Different horses belong with different riders - I'm not saying that this is the case with you and your horse and I've been enjoying reading about your progress. Also, it's possible the buck might have been triggered by the new saddle pinching somehow. But I expect you're thinking about this stuff anyway. At least most of the ride was really good - so look on the positive side!

allhorsestuff said...

Awe! I do know exactly how you feel there sweet!
I have had 3 arena rides in the past 2 weeks and the first of should have seen flet terrible! I aske dof rcanter and stayed out of my mare's way....but then, she decided to hop then leap, then outright rear up! I had a hold of the grab strap the whole time!
I stayed on but still feel like crap is almost personal for me,, you dislike me that much to do that and risk my life!
I got back on and headed the behaviour off at the pass...but, I still feel like crap!
Kate has a point with the new saddle... they can be hard to fit...been trying for years with my mare and an ill fit will bering on the ick behaviour really fast!

You hang in buck back but two steps ahead maybe, with what you learn!

Veronica Foale said...

But you stayed on! Well done!

It's okay to be discouraged though.

Paint Girl said...

So sorry to hear about the buck. My Arab gets spooky and will start crow hopping when she gets nervous. She has gotten a lot better now. I remember when I used to get very discouraged with it though. But we continued on, and she rarely crow hops now!
Also my Arab will buck while loping, especially if she slips, then she gets mad, and bucks. But I know her so well, and what causes the bucking, we always work through it. Now if my Paint just started bucking again, I would really be concerned.
Your ride looked lovely, despite the buck!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Why can't these dang horses just let us have a nice, quiet, peaceful trail ride? The other weekend I decided to start riding Gabbrielle again. No sooner did I get her in the round pen, and she broke out into the fits... rearing, bucking, doing flips, hanging from the chandelier... I said, "Oh well, I guess I won't be riding today."

Unknown said...

I can ride a buck, and there's a certain coolness about that - bt it shakes my trust in Cibolo. I'm going to let me feelings relax on it a bit before I make a decision. I'm going out there again today, but I'm going to ride Lily.

Because I realized I DO have a horse that can help me get my confidence back. Lily. Maybe I can keep Cibolo and work him, maybe I just need a more Lily like horse...

I just don't know at this point.

But now I want 3 horses. :)

Deedee Williams said...

Oh, I so know the feeling!
My Arab had bucking issues and it was dreadfully hard for me - We have such a gorgeous relationship and I tend to take things personally when he would buck! Silly, I know!
He only bucks when spooked or scared, not being defiant.
My trainer has me using my legs and bum pressure which is really working, and keeping his head up. (Can't buck when head is high.)
The trick for me has been to get out of my own way though. In order for this stuff to work I have to focus on him and helping him feel more secure - which means not getting emotional over his behavior. Having 2 children has provided good training in this area!
But it's still challeniging!
Good for you for doing the buck. I hope your skies are clearing today!