Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dremel tools. The ultimate flossing machine

Well, I may not have time to ride, but it was definitely time to go get Canyon's annual work up. One year ago I nervously hauled a horse for the first time over to the vet for a pre purchase exam. He was put through his paces and given a clean bill of health. I got an up to date coggins and we were off.

Now here we are, a year later and it's time for teeth floating and every shot possible. I borrowed Rudy's trailer (thanks Rudy!) since my usual rental place was booked and I drove that same path I took a year ago. It was a beautiful day, temps in the 70s, the days of fog finally lifted although the roads were still a little slick.

But I wasn't worried. I've hauled dozens of times now.

I can't believe how much has changed in the span of one year. I knew nothing about what I was doing, but had no idea how ignorant I was. It was probably a little dangerous for me to even contemplate owning a horse.

But ignorance is bliss, and I was blissed to the max.

I can tick off the things I've learned:
  1. Not every horse has the temperment to carry unbalanced riders
  2. Cinch slowly in phases
  3. a light trail saddle is particularly beautiful - more so than the fancy silver accented saddle - because I can swing it up without looking like a five year old trying to lift her mom.
  4. There is such a thing as too much tack.(But I'm not there yet.)
  5. If you aren't getting licking, chewing and a dropped head, you aren't there yet. Even when your horse tries to tell you you are.
  6. Your horse needs to be convinced you are up to the task of lead mare. Every day. Don't be a wimp.
  7. An inch becomes 15 miles in a horse. Let your horse move to the left before you ask them to is not a "special connection." It's a test of dominanc you have to pass. Again and again.
  8. Horses have the ability to go physically from point A to point M without going thru points B thru L. Quantum power, baby.
  9. There is nothing better than leaning on your horse and having him "hug" you.
  10. Walking a horse - or leading, as we experienced horse people call it - is more fun than I imagined, especially when you have a horse with good ground manners.
To celebrate our horsieversary, here's a slide show of Canyon's teeth floating session. Power tools and horse teeth. I never knew.


Melanie said...

Hah!!!! I love how clever you are with videos!! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary, unless of course you are/were poor!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Crazy fun music! Perfect for a crazy video/slideshow. Pretty cool to watch. Poor Canyon. lol!

And I can totally relate to:

#8Horses have the ability to go physically from point A to point M without going thru points B thru L. Quantum power, baby.

That's exactly why I'm laid up in bed not able to walk. gah! :P

New Mexico