Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Six things you don't know about me

There's a meme making the rounds (I got this from Horsefeathers) so I decided to jump in... This is my first go.

1. Before last year I hadn't been on a horse in 28 years other than a few random trail rides. I didn't even know how to cinch a saddle because my grandfather always did that for me.

2. I'm more interested in personality than breed. I find horses to be a little like dogs. If you get a chance to be around them you can discover rather quickly if you are going to connect or not.

3. When I was a kid, all I wanted to do on my horse was RUN. Now I'm constantly trying not to run. LOL

4. I have ruined one pair of really nice boots my Aunt gave me because I never oiled them. I have learned my lesson. Buy cheap used boots on Ebay.

5. The only shopping I enjoy is related to tack. But I have everything. But I still want to buy something. Yet I'm a minimalist - I don't like all those girths, fancy chest collars, decked out headstalls. I would never win one of those shows because I'm just not flashy.

6. I can't post. Not at all. But I can sit a trot. Isn't that weird?

Okay, let me know if you've done your six and I'll post all the links! Also I had an idea for a giveaway which I'm going to do next week. And since I'm such a newbie, your chance of winning is HUGE! :)


Mrs. Mom said...

I got a good giggle out of your number six. Used to be, I could post on any horse, all day long. Now? Forget about it. I'd SOOO much rather sit a trot!

Cant believe I have not been over here before now. If I dont get you added to my blogroll, give me a kick and remind me please! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a big Mrs Mom fan. I'm over quite regularly so if I notice I'm not on your roll I'll ping you.

Thanks for coming by!

Unknown said...

I'm confused, as usual. Do I have to volunteer to get tagged or something? Obviously, I haven't done my six yet, so I guess I'm ready. DO they have to be six intersting thing? That is harder!

Unknown said...

Mrs Mom set out an open challenge, so go for it Cara!

Interesting or intriguing. Or odd. Odd is always good.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmmm...Now WHY haven't I visited your blog until now? I didn't even know it existed, but I'm so happy I'm here now. I like it here! ANd I'll be back for sure. :)

It seems we have lots of in common.

1. Before last year I hadn't been on a horse for years except a few random trail rides, too. I didn't even know how to cinch a saddle, either. lol!

2. I'm more interested in personality than breed. Your analogy between horses is right on. I've noticed the same things. Either I connect with a horse, or I don't.

3. My neighbor friend is always encouraging me run, or even trot. I like my slow-poke paint mare just the way she is. She prefers to just walk the trails and relax. I like that, too! There's more than enough breeze and wind in our mountains for me to feel the wind in my hair, without galloping. lol!

5. I, too love to look for tack for my horse or to make our rides more confy and interesting. But, like you I'm also a minimalist.
If it works and is strong and good quality, I'm happy. Nothing fancy and shiny sits in my tack room. hehe

6. Post? What is that? And I barely sit a trot. Like I said, slow is good. I like to enjoy the scenery as me and my horse mozey on down the trail. (I'm know we drive our co-riders crazy, though. lol!)

So, come on back over to my blog and pick up your Paint Approved Sticker. You certainly qualify.
I'm happy that you visited my blog because I enjoy finding bloggers that have alot in common with me :)

(In my best Arnold voice)
I'll be Back!!!
New Mexico

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa! I enjoy your blog and I'll grab the sticker today!

My dad lives in new mexico - near stanley. do you know where that is? It sounds like it's close.

Glad we've hooked up, especially since we are of like minds! :D

Melanie said...

Great to learn more about you!!!

I love the fact that all you wanted to do was run as a child, and now all you want to do is walk...lol!!! It happens to the best of us, but I still like a good gallop...at least once during a ride!!!

I think that it is easier to sit a trot than it is to post on the correct diagonal, without lots of practice...lol!!

About those horsey personalities...I need one with a good head on its shoulders too, but I also think that the horse has to meet your needs, hence my being attracted to certain breeds over others. Why then, do I like Andalusians??? LOL

So sorry that you are sickly right now, and I am glad that we can't catch it via the internet! :)
Enjoy your break form your kidlets...teeheehee!!!