Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I just checked out Viva Volte (still love that horsey kid pix by the way) and found out that I was scrapped! So here it goes, 10 things, leftovers suitable for quilting. (this image is from the Wisconsin Quilt Museum, btw)

1. A dark navy square with a scattering of white dots: I used to work in this planetarium in college, the very same year the Challenger blew up. I remember walking in and seeing the explosion on the large television our director had set up. I went to my knees in the foyer.

2. A pale peach square with fine lines criss crossing: I took up counted cross stitch to teach myself patience. I'm very picky about my cross stitch, and the back looks as neat as the front. My grandmother, who knits, crochets and sews, compliments my work in front of my cousins all the time, resulting in me feeling like the favored one. She does that with everyone! lol

3. Crushed red velvet square: I got a new car and I love it way too much. It's red and it's a used luxury car and I can't bring myself to say what kind it is because it's too pretentious for me. But I love it.

4. A brown square with little lines of red: I had so many scrapes and bruises as a kid my mother kept me in high socks and just prayed stockings would cover the scars when I grew up. And now stockings are out of fashion. Go figure.

5. A deep purple satin with a faint paisley pattern: I was the queen of the elves when I did improv in Chicago for Dungeon Master. It's a long story.

6. A fuzzy black terry cloth square: I hate wearing hats. I'm okay about helmets, but I really hate hats. Unless I haven't dyed my hair in a month in which case I'm in a hat.

7. A green cotton square with brown lines: I grew up on a cotton farm and still have an unhealthy fascination with large tractor tires.

8. A thin white polyester blend: I'm not much of a cook. My house has a kitchen because it's required by code.

9. A faded square of denim: When I'm queen, every day will be jean day.

10. A fuzzy, threadbare square of yellow: When I was a baby, I slept with a stuffed yellow horse. I still miss him.

Okay, now it's your turn:
Laughing Orca - Lisa (who has some time on her hands... :( )
Mikey the Horseshoeing wife

Come on girlfriends, scrap it up!


d2cmom said...

Check my scrap out I am almost done. New Year's stuff and riding got in the way of finishing.

Unknown said...

Great! I'm headed over now