Thursday, January 22, 2009

Camel Dressage - the rest of the story

I love the YouTube video of the camel doing dressage (you can see it on you tube, but just head over to Vacquero Girl, because it's more fun over there in general).

So, being the geek, I googled it. And here's the rest of the story. The camel belongs to Lady Chichester (no kidding, now tell me you are not surprised that this camel belongs to someone who is English) and the camel's name is Therese. And she LOVES to mug for the camera.

And Therese doesn't just do dressage - she also jumps.

The BBC has an amusing video and interview here, in which Lady Chichester says it's not particularly eccentric to have a dressage/hunter jumper with two humps and a propensity to spit...

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Reddunappy said...

LOL its so cool to get the rest of that story! It was great.