Thursday, January 15, 2009

Party game

(Seriously, who are these people who come up with these things?)

Okay, I have had zero horse time this week but I was inspired by Jewel at 20 meter to recall a game I used to love.

See I used to pretend to be a superhero. Actually years and years ago I used to play this RPG (role playing game) called Champions. It was all about pretending to be a super hero. I also collected comic books, all of which I still have in darn good condition. I collected Wonder Woman, for one. That woman had some gorgeous horses.

I was (and in many ways remain) such a GEEK.

Any way, I've stopped both hobbies, but still love playing this one game. More of a quiz really, perfect for learning something about folks. So here it goes...

If you could have one of these two super powers, which would you choose and why:

invisibility or flight

Hmmm? Post on, I'll put mine in at the end...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor horse. That slinky thing is just wrong. lol!

I was going to say invisibility, but now that I'm laid up and can't walk, I think Flight makes more sense. Flying means freedom to me.

Get stuck in traffic? Fly up and over it.

Fire, flood? Fly up and over it.

Got a bum knee and can't walk? Fly and be free.

Defintely Flight :)


Mrs. Mom said...

Invisibility all the way. It might be the only way I can get about 5 mins away from the kids to brush teeth/comb my hair/ shower!

Besides, it'd be a blast to freak people out in teh grocery store, AND no one would know if I brushed out my mop or not! ;)

Reddunappy said...

Flight, then I wouldnt have to walk everywhere LOL

Unknown said...

Boy, I thought Flight was my choice, but Mrs Mom has a very good point.

There is no way for me to get away from my Cling-ons - other than invisibility...

Lisa - we'd all give you wings! LOL

Reddunappy - I hear you! Plus you'd never have to unlock a gate!

d2cmom said...

I always enjoy flying. It gives me such a high!

(oooh that was bad wasn't it?)

Husband actually bought me flying lessons before the horse. Now I fly on horse wings.

Melanie said...

Definitely flight!!! This sounds really silly, but I fly in my dreams all of the time, and it is great!!! You just have to beware of the power!!!!