Sunday, September 4, 2011

Detective work in the barn

I have a curious horse.

I think a curious horse is a good thing and occasionally a dangerous or annoying thing. But most of the time it's an amusing thing. Until they lock you in the feed room like Carson's horse Lyle did - anybody remember that?

Anywho, Smokey is a curious horse and very lippy. Like Lyle, I think.

I had left him tied near the tack room in the barn alley and went to get Lily. I heard the sound of things falling. I was surprised when I walked into the tack room to find this on the floor.

Smokey looked surprised to see me.

He offered to help pick up.

But only if I'd move the cookie jar closer.

(See that roundish white container just out of reach? That's the cookie jar)

Now we tie Smokey on the other side - near the feed room door. Somehow I'm not sure that's a good idea either.


Allenspark Lodge said...

The picture with him holding the fly mask(?) is really cute.

How old is Smokey now?


Grey Horse Matters said...

We have a few helpers at our barn too. They sure can get into a lot of trouble with those lips. Blue is especially good at this and he's a budding locksmith too. Just this morning he opened the gate in the catch pen where we had them all for the farrier. The herd was very appreciative that they could all get out and down to the pastures. Thanks Blue.

Margaret said...

Hmm... I have a feeling he will find a way. What a character! :)

Jeni said...

Smokey and Rosie would get along great! She can open doors !

Once Upon an Equine said...

Tee hee. Misty is a lippy horse too. It's fun to observe their curious nature. And a challenge to protect things from those curious, investigative lips.

Fetlock said...

I think curious horses are a lot of fun to work with, since they always want to know what you're up to and new things intrigue them. My Walker mare has lips like the end of an elephant's nose--she can purse them into a pointed shape and she's quite dextrous with them. She hasn't tried opening gates or untying ropes yet, but I can't leave anything in reach without risking getting it messed with!

Gail said...

My Knot is a little handier with his lips than the other three but they do work together trying to open gates and other amazing tricks.

Dom said...

This is so something Ozzy would do.

achieve1dream said...

Oh my goodness that is adorable!!! Chrome is like that too. He gets into everything. :)