Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nursery rhyme time

I took my horses to the vet,
Their coggins I was there to get.

Two horses load in without a fit,
My carrot stick not needed a bit.

We drive, we drive, we drive some more,
I hold my purse close and pass the tack store.

Then we stop in the gravel drive,
Two horses have made it here alive.

I open the door and one steps out,
Quiet and calm, without a doubt.

The other horse nods and does the same,
You'd think the pair was completely sane.

Two quick pokes, they didn't blink an eye
Then one and two load without a sigh.

Back at home both step quietly out,
Leaving me little doubt.

Days this drama free are sweet and dear,
And worthy of posting here.



Allenspark Lodge said...

True poetry. In every sense.


Dan and Betty said...

Well done all the way around. We never have any problems loading our two here at home, but when we want to leave wherever we are, Betty's Icelandic Horse Morgunn never wants to leave - so he takes longer to load.


Sarah said...

Whew, I was just waiting for the drama. Hooray there was none! :)

Maia said...


aurora said...

Clever poem! Glad the trip was drama-free.

Captain Bailey said...

The last two lines are my favorites!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

cute poem! it's always a good day when the horses behave.

Achieve1dream said...

That's awesome. :) I'm glad the trip was uneventful and they were well behaved.