Monday, August 2, 2010

Lily swims and Catching a ride

Sunday was a cloudless day, the blue sky a stunning dome over the hill country. A perfect day to take Lily swimming at the lake.

She had been showing reluctance to load so I had decided we needed to get her out before vet day (which is today).

The whole family went, which is kind of funny because all we did was walk our horse to the lake and let her enjoy the cool water. We only got her deep enough to swim once. We didn't even picnic or anything.

There was a moment when Sierra was on Lily, I was holding the lead rope in the water, and I looked up. There was my daughter, glowing, thrilled to be back on her horse, Lily's sorrel coat was glistening a golden orange, the perfect blue sky behind them was deep. I took a photo in my mind. It's the one I'm going to hold onto for those tough days we all have, I'm going to hold it and bring it out, and remember.


Late in the day I joined TR and C at our old barn for the weekly trail ride. Once again TR was generous enough to let me ride Woody.

TR wants me to get a horse just like Woody. I, of course, would love Woody! LOL

But I know a large aspect of why Woody is the horse he is is because of the work TR does with him regularly. While Woody is an honest horse, he's also worked by an honest horseman. Which is what I'm going to work on becoming.

I worked more on using the split reins and managed not to feel like a moron. Okay, a little less of a moron. I worked on the proper cue to cantering Woody in the arena, and worked on my body position again. I was leaning forward in the trot, and Woody was trotting faster. I switched to my cantering position and together with a stronger cue in the right place, we were cantering. I dropped my shoulder less. It felt not so overwhelming to remember everything.

I'm looking forward to next Sunday. Not only will the lesson be fun, but Lily will be ready for riding. While everyone seems to be offering me horses to ride, its still nice to ride your own.


morningbrayfarm said...

I'm so amazed at how such simple cues - like body position - can make such a difference. And, not that I know anything, but I hardly think you should feel like a moron. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're getting some good horse time in, in all sorts of ways!

Crystal said...

That last sentence I really believe. This summer form mares having foals and another one not started, to one going lame, I was horseless. I had friends who offered me thier horses (usually the best one!) which was nice, but I am sure glad to have my own back again. Im sure you will find the right one and can still learn and take lessons afterwards.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The swim with your family and Lily sounds sublime :)

Yes, it's nice to have your own horse to ride...when you're ready. It's also great to get all that wonderful experience from riding different horses. Enjoy!


Shirley said...

Your day with Lily and your family sounds perfect; I hope you hold that picture perfect memory for a long time. I get a lesson on Beamer tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to it.