Thursday, August 5, 2010

Riding a dream and finding our way

This is Cody. and he made one dream come true today. There's my daughter's best friend on his back.

And here's Lily in mid grass grab.

Lily is always careful around kids.

Mireya riding Cody, the Wonder Horse

Mireya, who the last time I tried to get to overcome her fear had a major meltdown, faced her fear today. And rode one whole circle.

It helped immensely that her best friend rode and Cody plodded happily along.

Cody has been passed around quite a bit in his life and I often wonder about what his life has been like. He's not a total dead head. He'll canter when called upon and, more importantly, plod when a scared little girl is riding.

Thank you Cody.

Today was Lily's first day out of the stall and boy, did it show in the round pen. Bucking, tiny little rears, charging around. I hope the fact we were working in the round pen made it "light work." But it's such a relief to see her feeling better.

Then it was time to take the next step.

Today I played with Smokey.

We worked in the round pen. Couldn't quite get the join up and since the kids were around I couldn't really focus on it. He did well, though, and I worked him through his gaits.

We lead around a bit. Very well behaved.

Then it was time for a ride...

Which I'll write about tomorrow...


Leah Fry said...

Both Cody and Smokey are beautiful. I just love it when they adjust themselves for kids. Jaz loves kids. Poco, not so much; not like I'd EVER put a kid on him. But you can from see his dismissive attitude toward them on the ground that he just wants them to go away.

Carol said...

Great 'picture' story. It's nice to see children overcoming their fears. What a great horse you have there for doing that.

Anonymous said...

Cody is a real prize - love those smiles!

Smokey is very cute - can't wait to hear more!

morningbrayfarm said...

What a sweet story about overcoming fears. And Smokey is just gorgeous!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Oh, you're such a tease. We have to wait for the rest of the story.

Jocelyn said...

smokey is stunning ! I love horses that are good with the kids, worth their weight in gold!

Crystal said...

aww so nice to have a Cody around for little kids to get over fears, and Smokey is looking good, cant wait for more details on a ride.

Wolfie said...

Yay, Mireya! And what a wonderful horse Cody is for helping her.

Shirley said...

Cody reminds me of Reba, Mercy's horse over at Mikey's blog. It's wonderful that your daughter rode and had a good experience. Smokey is a fine looking horse, I'm looking forward to the rest of the story.

allhorsestuff said...

Yea, yea, yea!
Made my heart leap to see you trying out that neat-o horse!Smokes, He is so darned cute.
Yea...the join up sometimes evades...does he know that language from anyone?
My mare really was frightened at first with the asking...ran and ran and ran! She sometimes pretends to NOT know it now...but eventually will tot from the other end of the field to me and walk with me to the gate, unhaltered.
Takes time...give it some, with many millions of repetitions!
Looking forward to more..... "~'
And what sweeties, Lily and Cody!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Wow! Beautiful neat to see how well they interact with the children. It is great for both species.