Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pony Express in Washington DC

If you haven't been keeping up with the news, nearly 600 horses were "gathered" today. An effort is underway to get 20,000 letters to DC to elected officials who have been deaf. But you can't ignore a woman on a horse.

Here's more info from the Madeleine Pickens website:

We have heard you voice your complaints about the roundups.

We have listened to you share so many of your personal stories about your own adopted mustangs.

We have all sent thousands of letters via fax, email, and mail to our Government. Even calling phone lines that have since been unplugged, because of the volume of calls.

We are doing all of these things daily, but there still has been NO change.

It’s time for the PONY EXPRESS!!!

I will personally hand deliver each and every letter that you write, via the Pony Express (one of our beautiful mustangs), to Washington DC. I am setting a goal of 20,000 individual letters to take with me. Americans, International supporters, animal activists, anyone who would like to tell President Obama, Secretary Salazar, and Bob Abbey that we aren’t going to sit by waiting until these roundups are over is encouraged to write. This is a very important issue to hundreds of thousands of people that have pleaded with our government to stop gathering our wild horses. This way they cannot unplug their phones, make their website impossible to send a comment to, or delete emails. These are GOING to get to Washington. I promise you that!

I've written my letter. Yours is just a click away.


Had a nice ride on Smokey today, arena work (where someone really didn't want to ignore the horses at the other end a few times) and out on the trails alone. Just an hour, the heat was oppressive.

Bad news, I saw a dry spot on his back afterwards. Maybe this saddle doesn't fit. I'm goint to try my other saddle tomorrow.

As to my riding, I think I've corrected all I can on my own. Time for another riding lesson...

(we have computer issues, which will be resolved shortly, then we'll do some more horsey face analysis and have a brief "he said, she said" with Trail Rider. stay tuned!)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great idea. We've all got to write in and make our voices heard. This travesty has got to stop.

Glad you got to ride.

morningbrayfarm said...

Now that'll be a sight to see... riding a mustang into DC. True - you can't ignore a woman on a horse.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you getting out to ride even though it was so hot. Yay!