Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On order... Headstall and bit

Ah, tack shopping. As they say, buying the horse is just a start.

So let's SHOP!

I only have a one ear headstall and TR said a one ear headstall isn't a good choice for a young horse.

So here's Smokey's new headstall. And I ordered a Myler bit, which is what he's in now.

I ordered them both from Half Circle, where the prices were very good. Hopefully the quality is too. You can visit their website by clicking the picture.

It looks like my saddle is fitting him (it's too small for Stephanie, so it's mine and she's looking for a gaited or other option), although I may check other saddles I have to make sure it isn't my imagination/wishful thinking. I wish we had those "naked" trees again. Maybe I can find a local saddle fitter that doesn't try to put every horse in a QH tree...


Last night after the kids did their riding, I went to get Smokey. I love how he walks right up to me and drops his head in the halter.

Smokey and I worked on walk trot transitions in the round pen. By the end I just "thought" walk and we were down, "thought" trot and we were up to a trot. And I'm talking within a single pace.

Pretty amazing. By the end we also came to a halt with just an exhale and deep seat.

We worked on figure 8s, because steering is still loose. So we rode figure 8s until they actually looked like balanced figure 8s.

Back at the barn there was a brief moment when Smokey thought the salt block on the way to the wash rack was out to get him. He sniffed at it, raised his head and gave it a "what the heck" look. Then he just stood still, refusing to go forward, so I did the post routine until he moved, then, looking at me, he took a step. I lessened the pressure, and in we went.

I'm enjoying finding out what works best with him, what kinds of things concern him, and where we need to work. But his willingness to try and innate curiosity is just lovely as we go along together.

Tonight or tomorrow we'll work on steering in the arena, and continue our walk trot work. Friday morning it'll be a trail ride.

And, in a few weeks, I'll schedule my next riding lesson. Hopefully the cowboy will be available to whip me into shape.


Anonymous said...

Pretty headstall!

He sounds like a good, willing sort - nice horse - and it sounds like you're doing some pretty interesting stuff.

Jeni said...

Uh oh... Tack Store!!!! Gosh those headstalls are BEAUTIFUL! I think I need two new ones (husband close your eyes).

Isn't it just wonderful when you and the horse click?

Trailrider said...

"The browband and throatlatch design is the safest when riding green colts and anytime there is a possibility you will need to take a firm hold of your horse’s rein to stop it or do a lateral bend. This headstall has a strap that runs from side to side across your horse’s brow just under his ears that attaches to the cheek pieces under his ears on each side of the head.

The throatlatch is a strap that runs behind the horse’s ears and then down under his neck, buckling together on the near side of the head, or in a few instances on the poll behind the ears.

The greatest level of safety is achieved with this complete headstall. In case of extreme emergency or a tense training moment, should you have to pull your horse’s head around with a snaffle rein it is possible to actually pull the bridle off when using a one or two-ear headstall or hanger."

I will add that I find it a more secure fit, and an easier headstall with which to balance a snaffle bit.

Gail said...

You knowledge amazes me and I am here to learn.

restoration42 said...

Ah, just thinking. Isn't it time for TONS of Smokey pictures?

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I love that headstall! Sounds like you and Smokey are doing great together.

allhorsestuff said...

Very neat headstall there! I have been leaning towards a more Western-y look..and I like the raw hide on that! And the fact that the chin strap and main headstall are separate instead if one under the other like alot of English bridles are set up...the "bump 2 pieces of leather" = extra pressure at the poll, bothers me..and some horses too!
I just smile and smile for you when i read such things!I am so glad you two found each are completely different
and at ease and he is too!

Leah Fry said...

Beautiful headstall. Smokey is going to be so handsome in it. And it sounds like you guys are really clicking.

morningbrayfarm said...

Very pretty headstall. Sounds like you're having fun - that's awesome!

Crystal said...

Sounds like you two are getting along great, and you are having fun!

allhorsestuff said...

Love your new Header/Profile pic!

Unknown said...

Hey nice headstall I like it alot! And good choice of bit too! I have a browband brindle for Pat too until he get a little more predictable... besides I think he looks good in it.