Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Baby? When did THAT happen?

This time of year I am not very involved with the barn. I work for the world's best waterpark and this is "get 'em in the park' time.  But I stop by regularly to check on Lily and catch up with my friends.

One of them is the owner of a beautiful black Tennessee Walker mare named Nana. She's a good natured horse that was terribly underweight when my friend adopted her last October. He got her out of a place where it was that same old story - too many mouths to feed. Nana was from champion stock, and she had an incredible gait.

Thankfully, she'd put on weight under his watchful eye and her coat was as shiny as a new bridle. We did have a close call a few months ago when we rushed her to the vet because she was terribly anemic and near death.  Luckily the vet figured out what was going on and she bounced back and got back to gaining weight.

And gaining weight.

Then something weird happened. She became a triangle. The guy who manages the barn, Chano, speaks only Spanish. He told my friend that she was pregnant.

No way, my friend said.

He shrugged in that way that the guys who work in barns and always know way more than any of the horse owners do.  He told my friend that she had a milk bag she was probably going to have the baby very soon. Maybe in a few days, or in a few weeks - at the most.

No way, my friend said again.

Then we looked her over and it was as clear as day. That horse was pregnant! And he rode her every day, not knowing!  She was moved to a foaling stall and no kidding,  two days later she had a baby.

Thank God for Chano.

Currently unnamed, here is the biggest baby ever born to a mom who practically died just three months ago.

He's already so much bigger, I'll post more soon!

Ignoring the paparazzi never works.

He wags his tail like a dog! Isn't it adorable?

His head is not abnormally large.  Really. 


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Oh my gosh! What a surprise. That heart shape over his one eye is so cute.

I don't know if you'll see my message I wrote on my blog for you, so I'll paste it here... Thanks for getting my novel. I'm doing a major revision right now that should vastly improve it, so if you aren't in a rush to read it, I'd hold off until the new version is published. I read my reviews and talked with a few people who read it and got some good input on what needs to be changed.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a surprise . . . Baby looks to be in very good shape - his mom made sure of that . . .

Shirley said...

Cool! He is a colourful li'l rascal.