Clinic Posts

I was on a clinic binge in 2010. Here are all the posts related to the clinics I attended...

Kathleen Lindley, April 2010

Post 1  It started with rain and went downhill from there.
Post 2  Mastering the walk and working with the worrier.
Post 3 Saddle Fitting and the "I got your number" horse
Post 4 A long way to a side pass and yes, get in the trailer NOW
Post 5 Walking is a lot harder than it looks.
Post 6 Keeping our horse care pros safe, and too green
Post 7 Dropping the head on the gaited horse, Big Gray Bites
Post 8 Riding with quiet hands, and reality means no shortcuts

Mark Rashid, October 2010

Demo: Controlling Space; Working with Energy
Day 1: Palomino with TMJ; Smokey and the idea of stop
Day 1 (cont): Smokey gets his nickname. And proceeds to live up to it.
Day 1 (left over): The STATIC attack!
Day 2: Calming the barrel racer; Working on Steering
Day 3: What to do; Being the Grownup - leadership
Day 3: Collection on a young horse